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How to get Owlbert in World Flipper

We're taking a look at how you get the Wind Support character Owlbert in World Flipper!
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In World Flipper, you will be fighting it out with enemies on a pinball board with a team that you have recruited via the gacha mechanic. Characters are added periodically to the game, and you will want to gather some of these up to increase the power of your team! If you’re looking to obtain Owlbert, we’ll guide you through the process in this guide!

Collecting Owlbert

To get Owlbert in World Flipper, you will need to complete the first chapter of the main story online. This will unlock the EX mode for it, which makes the levels more difficult. Make your way to Stage 4 in EX mode, and if you complete this stage, you will have a chance to obtain Owlbert!

Owlbert Stage Image

Once you’ve reached Stage 4-1, you will take on Owlbert! The fight shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve made it this far in the game. Just beat him up with your strongest team, and you have a CHANCE to get it. The drop rate percentage is unknown at the moment, so you will either get Owlbert very quickly or you might need to play the stage quite a few times.

Owlbert uses the Wind element and is classified as a Support character. He makes for a pretty good secondary character, that can boost your primaries in the game.

Owlbert features the Owl Blast skill, which does the following:

Grants Levitate to all allies / Increases the attack and skill damage of all parties.

The Levitate ability appears to keep your character from falling back down to the paddles, which allows you to continually dash to increase your combinations. If you increase Owlbert’s abilities, your party will receive a +7.5% attack buff while levitating! This percentage goes up as you unlock more of his ability.

That’s everything we know about getting Owlbert in World Flipper! You will find more coverage on this game in the World Flipper section of our website.

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