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How To Get Shindai Rengoku in Shindo Life

We're taking a look at one of the easiest ways to get the Shindia Rengoku Bloodline in Roblox Shindo Life!
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Roblox Shindo Life remains one of the most popular anime based games on the platform. They are now celebrating their one year anniversary from release, and with that comes a whole bunch of new stuff to explore. There’s an event going on right now that will allow you to take on a boss to get a very sweet bloodline called, Shindai Rengoku. If you’re wondering how to get this in the game, we will show you how in our guide!

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Shindai Rengoku Bloodline

To get the Shindia Rengoku Bloodline, you will want to open up the game and select the Play option. You will eventually arrive at a map, which you will want to pick the Ember location to spawn in.

Shindo Life Ember Location Image

Once you’ve arrived, look to the top of your screen for the teleport button and press on it. This will bring you into the event, and start a fairly long cut scene.

Shindo Life Teleport Button Image

After the cutscene ends, you will then fight the boss with a group of other people. If you can win the boss fight, you have a 1 and 25 chance to get the bloodline. This is a really good chance compared to the other options available to you, and this bloodline is particularly powerful!

Shindo Life Shindai Rengoku Image

Try to keep fighting the boss over and over to hopefully get it to drop for you! This is one of the easier methods to get one of the powerful bloodlines in the game.

That’s everything we know about getting the Shindai Rengoku Bloodline in Roblox Shindo Life! Be sure to check out the Shindo Life section of our website for more details on the game.

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    Is Shonda ren really that hard to get? I got the Yang just by spin while I was afk.

    1. IMCHILL

      I mean shindai