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How to get skins in A Universal Time (AUT)

We will show you how you can get skins for your Stands and Abilities in Roblox A Universal Time!
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Roblox A Universal Time received a large update in November 2021, which completely changed up the map and added a whole lot of new stuff. One of the big additions to the game is the skins system, which will allow you to dress up your stands in different colors and styles. If you want to look your best while you are out there fighting off other players and enemies, you will want to get yourself some new skins!

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Collecting AUT Skins

There are a few ways to get skins in A Universal Time right now. One way is to earn the new blue currency, which can be obtained by completing daily quests. You can also purchase the gold currency, which is premium and can only be obtained by paying with Robux. Finally, you can fight bosses, which are summoned in the Devil’s Palm desert.

Purchasing Skins

If you are looking to purchase a skin, rather than get one by slaying a boss, you can do so within the Shop area of the menus. There’s the special shop, which for example is shown as the Halloween store in the screenshot below. You can only use premium currency to purchase those skins.

The Daily Store features a random selection of skins that can be purchased with both kinds of currencies.

Finally, there are Crates that you can buy with both currencies that give you a chance at a variety of different skins. The higher rarities are much harder to get, so don’t expect them to pop out often.

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Daily Quest

To get the blue currency, you will need to complete daily quests. This can be done by heading to the park in the middle of the map, and going to the new Daily Quest NPC who is next to Ability Storage. Talk to them and accept their daily quest. If you complete it, you will get 100 of the new blue currency.

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Premium Currency

Universal Points can be purchased in the Store area under the Products tab. This currency can only be obtained with Robux. You will then get a set amount of Universal Points, based on how much you spent. You can then use the Universal Points to purchase skins or crates.

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There are a couple of new bosses that can be summoned in A Universal Time now. You will need to head to the Devil’s Palm desert area, and locate the boss summoning altar. Once you have arrived, you can either add a Cursed Orb to summon Hollow, or you will need the Tales of the Universe and a Cursed Orb to summon Umbra. Each of these bosses has a chance to drop a skin when slain!

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That’s everything we know about getting skins for your Stands and Abilities in Roblox A Universal Time. We have a lot more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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    What to do if I get a duplicate skin?

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