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How to get the best melee weapon in Muck (Night Blade Sword)

If you want to survive through Muck then you're going to need to have access to the best melee weapon in the game! The one you'll want is the Night Blade sword and we'll show you how to get it.
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If you want to survive your way through Muck then you’re going to need some powerful weaponry. If you want to slice and dice your way to victory then making sure you are able to get the best available option is important! We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to get the most powerful weapon in the game.

How to get the Night Blade Sword

To get the best melee weapon in Muck you can either craft it or find it in a chest. It is a very rare drop in Cave Chests, which like their name says only spawn in naturally spawning caves. The drop rate is extremely low, something like 0.1%. Your other option is to craft it by obtaining a Black Shard, Obamium Bar, and some Dark Oak Wood!

The absolute easiest way to get the sword is to start off with a seed that has a known spawn location. As of update number three, you can find one in this seed: 221294511. Just follow the lake that you spawn in front of right to the cave. Loot the chest inside and you will find the Night Blade sword.

If you want to craft a Night Blade sword then you’re going to need to obtain a pretty rare drop called the Black Shard. This only drops off of Guardians that can be spawned from statues that spawn around the island. You can locate these more easily if you find the boat you need to escape on. There’s a Green Chest on the deck that has a map in it that will place gems on the map. These gems are the locations of the Guardians that can be slayed for that particular world. Slay all of these and hopefully you will get a Black Shard to drop. There’s no guarantee you will get one, so you can’t always obtain this weapon.

If you can get the Black Shard then you can move onto the next portion of what you need. You will now need 10x Obamium Bar which can be obtained by mining Obamuium with an Adamantite Pickaxe.

Finally, you will need 15x Dark Oak Wood, which can be harvested from Dark Oak trees that have dark blue leaves on them. Now that you’ve got all the materials, you just need to get to an Anvil and craft the sword!

You will now hopefully have the best melee weapon in the game, so why not check out how to get the best bow as well! When you combine these two together, there’s nothing that will stand in your way!

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