How to get the Leash Glove in Slap Battles – Demonic Ritual Badge!

If you're looking to get the Leash Glove and Demonic Ritual Badge in Roblox Slap Battles, we've got a guide that will teach you everything you need to know on how to do it.
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Slap Battles is a Roblox Game that is described as on the more chaotic side as it is based on the premise of slapping players using different gloves that have unique abilities. Gloves can have both passive and activated abilities. If you need help on knowing how to get the Leash Glove and Demonic Ritual Badge, you’ve come to the right place!

How to get the Leash Glove

To get the Leash Glove in Slap Battles, you are going to need to equip the Cult Glove and head into Normal Arena mode. You will then need to have 13 other people in your game with the Cult Glove equipped. Once you and the other 13 players have the Cult Glove on and are in the server you will earn the Demonic Ritual Badge and the Leash Glove!

If you don’t have the Cult Glove, you will need to equip the Potato Glove. Once you have it equipped, go into the Normal Arena portal. Slap another player, who will then get a Hot Potato attached to them. Receive the potato back from that player by having them slap you, and then let the potato explode to earn the Cult Glove and the Good Job Badge!

For a badge like this one, it’s best to make sure and try to get it right away after the update. A lot of other players will be attempting to get it as well, so you will hopefully find a server that has players with the Cult Glove equipped. You can also head to the Slap Battles Discord and try to find some players looking to get the badge.

When you slap a player with the Leash Glove, they will be attached to you with a rope and you can drag them around a bit. This is a good way to troll other players. If you get slapped while you have someone leashed you will lose the attachment to the player.

IF you want to see the glove in action, you can watch the following video:

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We hope this guide helped you on how to get the Leash Glove and Demonic Ritual Badge in the game. For more great content, head over ot the Slap Battles section of our website.

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