How to get to Hive Mother in Core Keeper

The Hive Mother is one of the main bosses in Core Keeper. Read now to learn how to find and defeat the Hive Mother.
Featured Core Keeper Hive Mother Guide

Core Keeper has been a popular game for the last week, topping the Steam top sellers chart for multiple days. The underground crafting-survival game combines many popular elements from games like Terraria and Minecraft while also introducing a unique subterranean focus.

You’ll need to defeat the different bosses found around the map to progress through the game. The Hive Mother is the final of the big three bosses in Core Keeper, but she can spawn randomly. We’ll show you how to find and defeat the Hive Mother in this guide.

Where to Find the Hive Mother

If you want to find the Hive Mother immediately, it will help if you’ve already defeated Glurch and received his statue. Craft a Hive Mother beacon at the core for five Ancient Gemstones and five Mechanical Parts. Once you’ve created it, you’ll get an indicator for the Hive Mother on your map.

Other Info and How to Defeat the Hive Mother

Core Keeper Hive Mother

You can attempt to look for the Hive Mother in the clay biome without the beacon, but it will be considerably more complicated due to the map’s procedural generation. Creating the beacon lets you know where you need to tunnel immediately. Unfortunately, she’ll be surrounded by larva walls, so you’ll need a strong pickaxe or two to get through them.

Before you fight the Hive Mother, you should ensure you’re adequately equipped. You should have Iron Armor, health potions, and your best weapon. Also, since the Hive Mother won’t attack you until you make the first move, you should dig up any traps or blobs to make your movement in the cave easier.

With the Hive Mother’s acid attack, you’ll need to be wary of the marker above you. The acid spots on the map will stay there, so be mindful of them. She can also spawn minions from five different spawn points around you. If you wanted to play it smartly before the fight, you could build walls around her minions’ spawn points.

Another option would be to apply Spike Traps around the spawners and boss before attacking. This will drain the enemy’s health consistently while you’re evading attacks. The most important thing is avoiding acid attacks, including when they’re on the ground. The area will do constant damage to you and can drain your health quickly.

That’s all you need to know about finding and defeating the Hive Mother in Core Keeper. Be sure to check out the Core Keeper section of our website for more great content!

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