How to Get Yuta (Cursed Child) in Anime Last Stand (Secret Unit)

Wanting to know how to get Yuta in Anime Last Stand? You first need to get your hands on a Secret Portal and go from there!
Anime Last Stand Yuta Cursed Child Unit Placed On Blue Floor
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In Anime Last Stand, obtaining the Secret Unit Yuta can be quite a challenging and time-consuming task as you need to find the ultra-rare Secret Portal and complete it to get Yuta.

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Anime Last Stand Yuta (Cursed Child) Guide

To get Yuta, aka the Cursed Child in Anime Last Stand, players must complete Tier 5 Portals or Secret Portals for a chance to obtain this elusive unit. The only alternative to acquiring Yuta is through the shiny version, which is exclusively obtained via the Secret Portal. You’ll know when you’ve got your hands on a Secret Portal because it will be called Love Island, and the portal will be shaped like a heart.

Anime Last Stand Love Island Portal
Image: NeelsTV

However, the drop rates for Yuta are notably low, necessitating extensive grinding and patience. It is worth noting that there is conflicting information regarding Yuta’s drop rates, but according to the ALS Wiki, there is a 99.9% chance of obtaining Yuta from the Secret Portal and a mere 0.1% chance for the Shiny Secret Unit Yuta. But according to a friend of Blam Spot, NeelsTV, Yuta is a 0.2% chance from a Secret Portal. Until a developer confirms the official rate, I would take everything with a pinch of salt, but I do know for certain this is how you get Yuta.

Yuta Secret Unit Drop Rates

  • Tier 5 Portal: 0.05% drop chance, which is equivalent to one in every 2000 portals.
  • Secret Portal: 99.9% or 0.2% drop chance for the regular Yuta unit.

Shiny Yuta Secret Unit

  • Secret Portal: 0.1% drop chance, equating to one in every 1000 portals.

Portals were introduced in Update 2 as challenge levels and are obtained from defeating bosses in Infinite Mode. Some players claim that Portals can also be obtained from Story Mode, although this has not been confirmed.

The journey to obtain Yuta begins with a Tier 1 Portal, and as players progress through the portals, they will gradually encounter higher tier Portals until reaching Tier 5. Luck plays a crucial role at this stage, with a mere 0.2% chance of obtaining the Secret Portal drop from a Tier 5 portal. For all the odds of getting the different tiered portals, check out How to Get Portals in Anime Last Stand.

It is important to note that each portal only has one life. Failing a portal will result in its disappearance. Therefore, preparation is key, and players are advised to team up with friends who are equally prepared to assist in tackling the Portals, particularly the elusive Secret Portal. Failing to complete the extremely rare 0.2% drop and having it disappear can be a disheartening experience.

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