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How to Juke in Retro Bowl

If you want to avoid being tackled in Retro Bowl, you are going to need to know how to juke the defender!
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Retro Bowl is a faithful recreation of the NFL games of the old days that featured pixelated graphics, but had very fun gameplay and made for a great way to kill some time. However, this game also adds some variance to the formula by allowing you to manage your team, make trades, and draft players to construct your dream roster. If you’re wondering how to dodge tackles when you are on the run, we’ll teach you how to juke in this guide.

Juke Guide

To juke in Retro Bowl, you need to either swipe up or down while on the run to move in either direction quickly and potentially avoid a tackle. Alternatively, you can swipe backwards, which does a stutter step and pauses your movement.

Juking or sidestepping is very important when you’re on the run, particularly when you are being chased or just trying to get into the secondary on a run play. If you are going to be able to break off big runs, you will need to learn to time the dives of defenders. If you can time it correctly, you will be able to dodge their tackle and go for more yardage.

Below is an example of around the distance you can expect for the defender to dive at you. This is exactly when you’d want to either dive forward for the touchdown or juke out of the way. You will get plenty of practice at this because defenders will usually catch up to you before you can reach the endzone on a big play.

Retro Bowl Tackle Distance Image

The swipe backwards aka stutter step is not particularly useful. You generally don’t want to stop moving when attempting to avoid being tackled. The defenders don’t seem to be tricked by it so you usually just get tackled.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can find details about how to get coins, bullet pass, slide, or run with the QB with our other guides. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see any other posts about Retro Bowl!

That’s everything you need to know about how to juke in Retro Bowl! You can find more coverage on the game in the Retro Bowl section of our website.

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  1. Some Guy

    Actually, having an increased strength makes stutter stepping useful, because the defenders just bounce off you.

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Good to know, I’ll give that a try in the game.