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How to make Copper Wire in Builderment

We'll walk you through an easy to follow step-by-step process on how to make Copper Wire in Builderment.
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Builderment is a mobile game that challenges you to create a factory that produces a variety of different items in the most efficient way possible. You will need to plan ahead, because many ingredients will need to be combined to create items that you require to upgrade your Extractors, Conveyor Belts, Workshops, and more!

Copper Wire is one of the earliest things you’ll be crafting to upgrade your buildings and obtain recipes that will allow you to progress in the game. It is a useful item that you will use to help you craft additional parts in the future.

How to create Copper Wire in Builderment

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make Copper Wire in Builderment, you will need to mine Copper with an Extractor. Then send those Copper Ingots down a Conveyor Belt to a Workshop that has the Copper Wire recipe selected. Once the Workshop has collected three Copper Ingots, it will create you one Copper Wire!

  1. Locate Copper Ore

    Look around your map for the signature bright orange of copper. There should be at least one or two areas where it has spawned on your island. Hopefully, it isn’t too far from your Research Lab.Builderment Copper Spawn Image

  2. Create an Extractor

    Once you have your Copper mine picked out, build an Extractor on top of at least one of the ore deposits so that you can start mining the resource. I recommend creating at least a few of these, because you will need quite a bit of Copper in the future.Builderment Copper Extractor Image

  3. Create a Furnace

    Just create a simple Conveyor Belt line down away from your Extractor. Place a Furnace and tap on it to open up the menu for the building. Tap on the hammer and wrench icon on the right, and then select the recipes option at the top. You should find a recipe for Copper Ingots, which you will then select.Builderment Copper Ingot Recipe Image

  4. Create a Workshop

    Create another Conveyor Belt line to where you want to craft your Copper Wire. Place a Workshop there and tap on it to open up the menu. Tap on the hammer and wrench icon on the right, and then select the recipes option at the top. You should find a recipe for Copper Wire, which you will then select.Builderment Copper Wire Recipe Image

  5. Craft Copper Wire

    If you’ve got all of your resources flowing in the right direction, you will now be crafting Copper Wire! Builderment Copper Wire Image

That’s everything you need to know about making Copper Wire in Builderment! You will need this fairly early in the game to start upgrading things and unlocking additional recipes.

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