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How to titan shift in Titanage

We're taking a look at everything that is known about shifting into a titan in Roblox Titanage right now!
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If you’re playing Roblox Titanage, then you should know how difficult the game can be. One false move and you could lose just about all of the progress you made on a character. So, what better way to get back at the evil titans that have beaten you up and eaten you than to become a giant titan yourself! This can be possible in Titanage, but you are going to have to be extremely lucky.

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Titan Shift Guide

To use titan shift in Titanage, you will need a mod that drops that is either called the Titan Serum or Titan Shifter. This is a Godly rarity modification, which has a 0.0002% drop rate when you get loot from killing a titan. The modification is extremely difficult to get, so you need to be very lucky!

I can dispel a couple of rumors that seem to be passed around about titan shifting. First, the Ymir’s Blood mod has nothing to do with transforming you into a titan. All that modification does is prevents titans from eating you quickly. Second, there’s an NPC in the rafters of the lobby that will talk about titan shifting. This is a troll and isn’t real, you can’t talk to them to get titan shifting.

There are certain missions in the game that will allow you to shift into a titan. The letter K on your keyboard is how you would shift if you have the ability or are in a mission that allows you to. I have not experienced this mission yet, but if you want to see what it looks like, watch the video below where you can see the character transform into a giant.

If you transition into a titan, you can apparently use two different moves. There’s a shoulder throw, which allows you to grab a titan and dump them on the ground. You can also use hardening, which will make your punches more powerful.

We will hopefully have additional details on become a titan as the game is further developed. It appears to be an area that isn’t widely used at the moment, so I would expect more will be added to it later.

That’s everything you need to know about titan shifting in Roblox Titanage! For more details on the game, check out our mods listhealingprestige, and controls posts!

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