Hyper Light Breaker reveals first gameplay preview

Hyper Light Breaker shows off a 3D world, advanced combat, and more in a new preview!
Hyper Light Breaker Image
Image: Heart Machine

Hyper Light Breaker, an upcoming open world multiplayer roguelite from developer Heart Machine and publisher Gearbox Publishing, has just released a new exclusive preview today. The preview features plenty of gameplay combat, 3D exploration, and other broad details.

Although a concrete release date still hasn’t been confirmed, the Steam Early Access release window is still slated for Spring 2023. It will be available on PC via Steam. You can watch today’s new preview on the IGN YouTube channel here:

As noted in the IGN preview, all of the released footage for Hyper Light Breaker has managed a surprising level of consistency with its predecessor, 2016’s Hyper Light Drifter. It feels like a natural evolution of the world, with potent visual storytelling and fresh mechanics.

Adding online coop is going to make a big difference for Hyper Light Breaker. Exploration was always a highlight of the series, because even its smallest details are thoughtful and rewarding. But the Drifter is a lone role, and central to the tone Hyper Light Drifter. The new game’s premise of expanding a hub naturally lends itself to cooperative gameplay.

Fortunately, it’s clear that the devs are still interested in narrative. Some open world games end up relying a little too much on immersion, however impressive. There’s still a sense of mystery and creative spark in these environments and enemies.

There’s a new flow to Hyper Light Breaker that feels smoother thanks to its variety of map traversal mechanics, which are necessary to compete in the crowded genre. However, it has intentionally shed the retro charm altogether, which may disappoint some players. It looks quite modern compared to old school 3D adventures.

Hyper Light Breaker was first revealed a year ago today, with some gorgeous animation:

You can read more about Hyper Light Breaker, Heart Machine, and other upcoming adventure games by following our news section!

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