IdleOn update includes new Siege Breaker Class

IdleOn's latest update is live, bringing the Siege Breaker Class, new content, balance changes, bug fixes, and adjustments to the game!
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IdleOn announced the Siege Breaker Class is now available in this latest update. In addition to the class addition, the update includes new content, balance changes, bug fixes, and adjustments. Players will notice that you can now auto-loot after five seconds rather than fifteen, arrow speed has now been increased, and more. 

Full details of the update were obtained from an official Steam post. We’ve included everything you need to know about it below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

IdleOn Update Patch Notes

New Content

  • Siege Breaker Class is out now! Spawn Plunderous mobs, and obliterate them with cannon attacks!
  • 3d Printer is now accessible from Quick-Ref!
  • Construction is now fully accessible from Quick-Ref!
  • Added five new printer storage slots for the 3d Printer, and 2 of them are FREE!
  • Added Loot Filter to the Cards section of the codex. Filter out drops you don’t want!
  • Added the Premium Stat Swapper stone for premium hats in the Gem Shop. It costs 25 gems and can be used infinitely! It allows you to transfer powerful Premium Hat bonuses from Bundles to other premium hats, even ones you premium-ify using the Premiumifier in the Gem Shop!

Quality Updates

  • Completely overhauled certain behind-the-scenes tech, so the game will run smoother, crash less, and provide an overall better experience!
  • Added “View Only” display, so you know which Quick-Ref features allow you to interact with them.
  • Spear-type weapons no longer hit multiple enemies if used by a non-warrior class. Sorry spearheads, but your time has come.
  • Adjusted Homing Arrows talent to be a bit more ‘choosey’ with its target, so each cast hits more unique enemies and further away enemies!
  • Buffed ‘STR’essed Garb Warrior Talent (STR from equipment is worth more STR) to give the same bonus that the equivalent talent for Archers and Mages give.
  • Added the fabled T damage indicator! Show up if you do more than 9,999,999M damage in a single hit.

Balance Changes

  • Decreased the base EXP multiplier of Crystal Monsters from 35x to 30x
  • Changed Auto Loot to trigger after 5 seconds instead of 15 seconds
  • Boosted arrow speed by +40% for all archers!
  • Both Divine Knight’s and Siege Breaker’s Family Bonuses are boosted by “Family Guy” talent, in addition to the Family Bonuses your character provides. This way, you don’t need to swap to DK and SB to utilize their Family Bonuses most effectively.
  • Altered Magma Core Headdress helmet to [+6% All stats]. Previously, it gave both [+5% All stats] and [+6% Damage].

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare but deadly crash involving cards that would lock people out of characters. This is fixed and will no longer happen!
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