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King Legacy Update 2 Log Patch Notes

Update 2 has finally been released for Roblox King Legacy that brings new awakenings, swords, fruit, and a whole lot more to the game!
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Roblox King Legacy just got a massive new release called Update 2! This brings a many new things to the game, including new awakenings, swords, legendary fruit, accessories, and a new island in the Second Sea! You can also enjoy the newly revamped UI and ship models. There’s a new normal dungeon, pvp updates, nerfs, and many bug fixes for the game. Learn everything that has been added to the game in this update with the patch notes below!

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King Legacy Update 2.13

This minor patch after the big release fixes some of the bugs that were caused by it.

  • Fixed Conqueror effect to crew
  • Fixed Mobile Dragon B Animation
  • Sky Jump +1 per 500 Melee=> +1 per 300 Melee
  • Fixed You can buy Kioru even if you don’t have money. Now you need 25M$ to buy (for those who don’t have the ‘Kioru’ in inventory, change the sword, and it will appear in your inventory)
  • Nerf Paw C Damage OP

King Legacy Update 2

New Additions

  • Added 2 Awakening [Bomb,Quake]
  • Revamped Barrier, Op, Shadow, Love
  • Added 7 Swords (1 Legendary)
  • Added 1 Legendary Fruit
  • Added 13 Accessories [ Each one will have it own buffs]
  • Raised level cap to 3300 / Stats cap 4125
  • New island in second sea
  • New Dungeon Normal
  • Revamped UI
  • Revamped Ship Model and new ship Galleon,Sloop
  • Changed Armament / Observation Haki buttons J => T/ K=Y
  • Moved every islands in both seas to make them closer to each other (including npcs)
  • Revamped Observation your dodges will increase when the time passed by 10 seconds = 1 dodge increase (you must disable it first and you can open/close it in 1 second now)
  • Sky Jump Adjustment ( Normally you’ll start at 6 jump and +1 every 250 melee stats ==> you’ll get 1 at first then +1 every 500 melee (regen every 1s per jump when you on ground)
  • HD Effect off this is a new feature for mobile/ low spec devices
  • Damage Text Off
  • Moved gifting ui from menu to Black market npc.

PVP Updates

  • If you got killed your pvp will automatically turned off for 20 minutes (You can re-open immediately in settings you can also disable this feature in settings)
  • You can only gain bounty from a person 3 times a day mean you won’t get their bounty if you killed them more than 3 times ( To prevent bounty duping in future)
  • Buffed every quests from level 1-3000 + 26.9% of exp (This is permanent)
  • Level difference system (You won’t be able to get bounty from anyone who 500 level lower than you)
  • You won’t be able to spawn a boat if there any boat on the dock (To prevent boat glitches)

Nerfs & Bug Fixes

  • Nerfed Authentic Triple Katana X Damage
  • Nerfed Phoenix / Added a new E move to full form
  • Nerfed Cyborg repair move
  • Nerfed Op heart move (You can only press it once now)
  • Nerfed Gas C
  • Buffed Night Blade Z damage
  • Fixed Ice path falling under the sea
  • Fixed Gum Snakeman Z,X bugs
  • Moved codes section to settings
  • Xbox Auto Zoom Out when transform Allosaurus,Spinosaurus,Brachiosaurus,Buddha,Dragon,Phoenix,Venom
  • Added global bounty rank for top #1-100
  • New black market building
  • Changed ice fruit material to neon
  • Sea King will be spawning in private server now but it will spawn every 2 hours instead of 1

That’s everything we know about the new update that was released for Roblox King Legacy. Be sure to check out the King Legacy section of our site for more details on the game.

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