Legends of Runeterra Vayne deck guide – Weaponmaster Sentinel

Vayne just dropped in Legends of Runeterra, giving new aggro options for Demacia. This deck should help you get some easy wins.
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Vayne has just hit Legends of Runeterra as part of the second part of the Darkin Saga, Domination. Vayne’s a tumbling terror, using her unique spell to dish out attack after attack and destroy an enemy board. This guide will show you a straightforward and strong Vayne deck, pairing her with one of her most obvious support champions, Jax.

Legends of Runeterra Vayne deck guide

Vayne’s Tumble equips an ally with a weapon from the hand that costs 2 or less, and then allows them to start a free attack. While fun, there’s not a lot of flexibility in this spell; Most of the 2 cost equipment in the game comes from Jax’s weapo masters, so the pairing makes the best use of Vayne’s win con. However, there are other interesting weapon combos with Tumble. Notably, Vayne can use Tumble to equip The Darkin Halberd without killing an ally.

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This deck was made using Mobaltyics, where you can view the deck yourself. To copy this deck to your Legends of Runeterra deck builder, use the code below.



Use the keywords gained from Weaponmaster weapons to buff Vayne, who has no keywords of her own and thus is vulnerable. Use your Fireth, Reaper of the Sands on the opening turns to get weapons in your can for Vayne to equip.

Vayne’s free attacks can level up Jax quickly if you can keep her alive. Quick attack. Barrier and Challenger are super important buffs on Vayne, who is only a 3 attack 4 health fighter with no keywords of her own.

Once Vayne is leveled up, you can use her constant Tumbles to put serious pressure on your enemy. With Tumble, you can easily meet the requirements for Vayne’s Condemn, which is one of the most powerful removal spells in Demacia, if not the most powerful.

Jax leveling up is your closer. Use Tumble to get free attacks on every turn, clearing out the enemy board before using your attack token to attack with Jax. Tumble will allow you to widdle down defenders so the enemy’s nexus is left open.

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