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Legends Re:Written Sea update log & patch notes

The new Roblox Legends Re:Written update brings a variety of new content, changes, and bug fixes to the game.
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Roblox Legends Re:Written has released the Sea update on November 26th, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

You can find the official patch notes below for the update, which were released on the official Legends Re:Written Discord. If you’re looking for freebies, head over to our Legends Re:Written Codes page.

Sea open world! You can enter the sea world from the lobby or World 1 on the ship at spawn

3 New bosses

  • Master Swordsman: Spawns on the first day of Fall at the Hawkeye Colosseum.
  • Lightning God: Spawns on the first day of Spring on Sky Island
  • Rotted Knight: Summonable boss at Mount Frenzy. You need a Frenzy Ore to activate this boss

4 New mobs

  • Mimic Chests: Sometimes when a chest spawns it’s a mimic
  • Tanzaknite: Can be found around the outskirts of the Flower Village
  • Pharaoh: Can be found on the Sky Islands
  • Sea Kings: When you travel a certain distance away from an island Sea Kings will target you. (We started out with 5 per server and now there is only 1 with a 200 second respawn time.)

6 New Armor Sets!

  • Rotted Knight: Armor set can be crafted with embers obtained from defeating the Rotted Knight boss
  • HawkEye Set: Rare drops from the Master Swordsman boss
  • Taiko Drums/Sky Clothes: Rare drops from the Lightning God. Equipping the Taiko Drums will boost your lightning magic damage by 50%
  • Pharaoh Set: Rare drops from the Pharaoh mobs
  • Sea Knight Armor: Craftable armor set
  • anzaknite Armor: Rare drops from Tanzaknite’s

7 New Weapons!

  • Master Blade: Rare drop from the Master Swordsman
  • Lightning Rod: Rare drop from the Lightning God. If you have Lightning artifact this weapon will do extra damage + lightning effects.
  • Bloodcursed GreatSword: The player who summons the Rotted Knight boss will be given the Bloodcursed GreatSword as a drop if they defeat this boss!
  • Cosmic Gunlance: new craftable Range weapon
  • Cross Dagger: Rare drop from the Master Swordsman. Equipping it in your right hand with nothing in your left will let you use this weapon in a unique way
  • Pharaoh Scythe: Rare drop from Pharaoh mob
  • Tanzaknite Blade: Rare drop from Tanzaknite mob

5 New Crafting Materials

  • Embers: Can be obtained as rare drops from the Rotted Knight
  • Frenzy Ore: This one is a secret for now, it’s out there tho
  • Sea Stones: Can be obtained from Sea Kings
  • Mystic Ore: New ore in the Flower Village
  • Galaxy Ore: New ore in the Flower Village

2 New Boats

  • Coffin Boat: Rare drop from the Master Swordsman
  • Flame Boat: Can be purchased in Matsumae


  • Gum Artifact! Rare drop from mimic chests (Gear 2 special will make your spells and weapons do 50% more damage)
  • Gum Artifact dash
  • Straw Hat Bonus: Wearing the Straw Hat gives Gum spells a 50% damage bonus
  • New Lightning Artifact Special! Thunder Ball can be used if you obtain the Lightning Rod (it doesn’t have to be equipped).
  • Star Forged Pickaxe is finally a thing! You can craft it at the blacksmith
  • Mounts require stamina to fly now, the higher your mounts speed stat the longer they can fly.
  • (Sea Only) Stamina drain for magic dashes
  • Knock Up Stream: The knock up stream will spawn under the Sky Island when it rains, it will send your boat or you into the sky when you go into it. (Does not spawn during winter)
  • Set spawn system in the sea world. Your spawn will reset to the default spawn point if you enter the Sea World through the first open world.
  • Water/Swimming mechanics
  • New Boat mechanics
  • Running is now auto- toggled when you do parkour
  • GodSpeed Blessing revamp, fundamentally looks the same but now functions properly
  • Water level will rise and lower in the Flower Village depending on the time of day
  • Mount stand was replaced with a new item purchasing system
  • Boat stand was also replaced with new purchasing system
  • Enuma Elish spec was given a slight buff

Be sure to head over to the Roblox Legends Re:Written page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website

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