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33 Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds (March 2023) – Bedrock & Java

We have a list of some of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds that will get you started on the right foot in Bedrock or Java!
Featured Minecraft1 18 Seeds Image

One of the exciting parts of a new update in Minecraft is starting on a whole new world. If that sounds like something you’re interested in doing, then you’re going to want to find the right seed for it. These seeds will help you get started on your next creation, and set you up in the right environment to take advantage of all the new stuff that the Cliffs and Caves update has to offer! We’ll show you some great Minecraft 1.18 seeds in this guide.

Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

With the addition of Caves and Cliffs Part 2, you will find that the seeds should work on both Java and Bedrock. If this is not the case with a seed, we will mark which platform the seed will work on. As time passes, we should eventually only have seeds listed that will work on both Bedrock and Java.

Keep in mind that generated structures like Villages, Mansions, Temples, etc. will not always be in the same place on either version. This is the one area where seeds will differ, but we’re hoping that the spawns remain largely the same.

Find more great worlds to explore in our Minecraft 1.19 Seeds post!

Multiple Biome Coastline Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Multi Biome Seed Image

If you’re looking for a beautiful area to start your next build, you’d be hard pressed to find something nicer than this. You get a really nice mix of biomes, including badlands, savannah, mountains, and jungle all overlooking a warm ocean area!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 33 94 38

Unique Cave Mountain Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Hollowed Mountain Seed Image

If you want to have a lair like start to your next build then this huge mountain with a massive hollowed cave in the side of it would work great. Inside is a large dripstone biome, which will add to the grim look of an evil type build inside of it! There’s a couple of pillager outposts around and some broken portals nearby depending on the version you are playing on.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -37 140 -26
  • Cave Mountain: 233 171 -1

Exposed Lush Cave Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Exposed Lush Cave Seed Image

A very unique seed, which features an open area that has an exposed Lush Cave biome. This would be a pretty amazing place to build around! if you explore the caves you will also find some dripstone not too far inside.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 2 94 3
  • Pillager Outpost: 446 125 233
  • Large Snowy Mountains: 761 174 242
  • Village: 584 116 -428

Woodland Mansion Mountain Seed

Minecraft Mountain Woodland Mansion Seed Image

The main feature to this wonderful seed is the amazing woodland mansion that is perched up on top of a mountain. The natural generation of the waterfall and snow makes it a wonder to behold. You can view it from where you spawn and climb the mountain to explore the interior. It could make a great spot to reside in, or you can build out nearby and leave it as a wondrous landmark.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 98 67 155
  • Woodland Mansion: 544 213 368
  • Pillager Outpost: 237 63 129
  • Village: -219 66 528

Village Overlooking Ice Spikes Seed

Minecraft Village Overlooking Ice Spikes Seed Image

If you are looking for a big village and some ice spikes then this is the seed for you. It features a large village on some hills near a large mountain range. Near this you will find the ice spikes biome with its pillars of ice. There are also a couple of Ruined Portals you can loot for some gold items early on!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 67 102 -38
  • Village: 209 103 153
  • Ruined Portal #1: 173 151 385
  • Ruined Portal #2: 231 89 699

Seaside Villages Seed

Minecraft Seaside Villages Seed Image

If you are a fan of villages then this is the seed for you, because there’s a ton of them all over the place within a short distance to the spawn. You will find a variety of different layouts, including a couple on the sea, in the snow, and on the mountains. There’s also a pillager outpost in between a couple of them! If you like unique biomes, you will find an ice spike biome within range.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -32 73 -39
  • Ice Spikes Biome: 351 88 -562
  • Seaside Village #1: 249 102 -276
  • Pillager Outpost: -910 63 -710
  • Seaside Village #2: -983 63 -504
  • Snow Village: -755 71 -806
  • Mountain Village: 616 128 -968

Two Mooshroom Islands Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Mooshroom Islands Seed Image

This seed features a couple of Mooshroom Islands where you will find mushroom islands that feature the red cow that has mushrooms growing on them. Mushroom islands are sought after due to the fact that monsters will not spawn on them. You will also find a couple of ocean monument spawns nearby, and a village that is very close to the starting area!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -393 76 -503
  • Village: -356 85 -794
  • Pillager Outpost: -508 63 -948
  • Mooshroom Island #1: 194 72 -1101
  • Mooshroom Island #2: 236 77 -183
  • Ocean Monument #1: 246 61 -696
  • Ocean Monument #2: 105 61 -393

Snowy Mountains & Plains Valley Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Large Mountains Valley Seed Image

While you won’t spawn directly at this location, it is worth the traveling time to get there! This seed features a large valley set between massive snowy mountains that spans for a great distance. Along the way you will come across a large cave to explore. This is a beautiful seed for anyone looking for a scenic valley!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 181 77 -261
  • Mountain Valley Range: 1472 87 -1256
  • Ruined Portal: 1396 124 -1014

Lonely Survival Island Seed

Minecraft Lonely Survival Island Seed Image

If you want to live on a lonely island away from it all and survive then you should find what you’re looking for with this seed. You get a nice flat island to spawn on with a few trees and possibly some animal spawns. If you want to venture out from the island, you’ll find a shipwreck, ocean monument, and a village not too far away!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -341 69 -298
  • Shipwreck: -637 62 -506
  • Ocean Monument: -752 61 -479
  • Village: -689 64 180

Mountain Range with Lake Seed

Minecraft Mountain Range Lake Seed Image

While Minecraft 1.18 has brought quite a few of these seeds with circular mountain ranges, this one might be the best. It is massive and has an awesome lake with some forest at the center. You can also check out some nearby caves. If you want to venture out of the mountain range, you will find a bunch of villages and a jungle biome to explore!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -35 87 23
  • Jungle Biome: 17 85 -120
  • Village on the River: -379 103 -123
  • Village #2: -660 117 49
  • Village #3: -574 62 283
  • Pillager Outpost: -496 89 -408

Island Cliffs and Lush Caves Seed

Minecraft Tall Island Lush Caves Seed Image

While this is a small but tall island, the interior of it is what is so interesting. The inside of this island has beautiful expansive lush caves where you can explore through the plentiful vines and discover untold mysteries! When you’re done delving inside of the island, you can find a couple of shipwrecks nearby to loot!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -64 118 58
  • Lush Cave: -109 111 63
  • Shipwreck: -163 61 64
  • Shipwreck #2: 14 64 205
  • Ocean Monument: 352 61 193

Biomes & Structures Seed

Minecraft Lots Of Stuff Seed Image

While this one doesn’t have the impressive vistas as some of the seed, it does pack quite a bit into a small space. You will spawn near a swamp biome, which features a witch’s hut. You can then head over to the jungle biome and find a temple to explore. Not too far from this is a savanna biome with a village and near that is a desert with a pyramid and a village! If you want a whole lot of generated structures close to spawn, this is a good seed for you!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -3 80 -3
  • Swamp Biome: 57 65 0
  • Witch’s Hut: 68 62 207
  • Jungle Biome: 14 66 -123
  • Jungle Temple: -138 87 -285
  • Savanna Village: -186 62 648
  • Floating Island: 96 117 471
  • Pyramid: -453 70 702
  • Desert Village: -688 71 789

Snow Mountain Island Seed

Minecraft Snow Mountain Island Seed Image

In this seed, you spawn on a huge island with a massive snow covered mountain with beautiful waterfalls cascading down the slopes. You will find an ocean monument not too far away to explore. This could be a good survival island if you don’t want to make the task too difficult for you. Most generated structures are pretty far away, so only pick this seed if you’re looking for a nice place to build!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -19 91 -61
  • Ocean Monument: -928 61 -354

Lava Falls Dripstone Cave Seed

Minecraft Lava Falls Dripstone Cave Seed Image

If you want to keep to the depths then this lava flowing dripstone cave seed will have you building your best subterranean home in no time. You will also find a ruined portal, mansion, and village not too far away from your spawn.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -6 77 -9
  • Dripstone Cave: 61 21 279]
  • Ruined Portal: -291 66 324
  • Village: 597 65 -151
  • Mansion: 414 66 -767
  • Pillager Outpost: -832 90 -216

Coral Lake Lush Cave Cove Seed

Minecraft Coral Lake Cove Seed Image

This seed will have you spawn directly into a badlands biome, which carries a larger chance to find gold to dig up and mines to explore. Very close by is a beautiful coral lake that feeds into an amazing lush cave biome area.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -2 80 30
  • Coral Lake: 8 63 -21
  • Lush Caves: -39 77 -129
  • Mineshaft: 128 67 41
  • Village: 903 70 85

Survival Island Seed

Minecraft Survival Island Seed Image

This seed is for players who want to try their hand at a round of survival island. You spawn on this tree filled small island that has some interesting elevations to it. See if you can manage to keep yourself alive by only using the resources you find in this area!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn Island: -323 97 -302

Frozen Villages & Igloos Seed

Minecraft Frozen Village Seed Image

To really get into the swing of winter, you should try this frozen ocean seed with an igloo village, ruined portal, pillager outpost, and a second village nearby. This will give you quite a bit to play with when you start the game, and you can really build something interesting in this frozen world.


Points of Interest

  • Igloo Village: 163 63 -351
  • Ruined Portal: 323 65 -396
  • Pillager Outpost: 398 90 -520
  • Village: 722 77 -362

Crater Lake Seed

Minecraft Crater Lake Seed Image

This seed features a massive crater like area with a lake in the center of it. It has a waterfall that drains into it, but you could add additional falls or increase the flow of the naturally occurring one. Not to far from this location is a village and a pillager outpost to be explored!


  • Seed: -520676823
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Crater Lake: 108 112 184
  • Pillager Outpost: 38 77 18
  • Village: 65 150 301

Mansion Snow Mountain Island with Village Seed

Minecraft Snow Island Mansion Seed Image

In this seed, you spawn on a large island that has massive cliffs and a nearby woodland mansion at the bottom of a big snowy mountain. On the other side of the island you will find a large village at the base of a smaller mountain.


  • Seed: 2243447718
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Mansion: 191 87 62
  • Village: -291 87 119
  • Ocean Monument: 656 61 129

Mushroom Island & Many Biomes Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Mushroom Island Seed Image

While you won’t spawn directly on this massive mushroom island, you can hop into a boat and make your way across some ocean to reach it. Once you have you will find mooshroom cows and a huge cave that nearly reaches all the way to bedrock. If you travel along the island long enough, you will find an Azalea Tree, which means you can dig down to find yourself a lush cave biome. According to the Reddit post, you will also find all the biomes surrounding this area. I will say that this seed is MASSIVE, so make sure you’re prepared for some long travel to reach certain areas of it.


  • Seed: 1325351762
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Mushroom Island: -12 68 118
  • Azalea Tree: -187 79 -554
  • Ocean Monument: 159 61 382
  • Ocean Monument #2: -210 61 -352

High Mountain Peaks Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Massive Mountain Peaks Seed Image

Another great seed if you want to be surrounded by huge icy mountains and have beautiful vistas to view. You can park yourself down in the meadow in the middle of all the beautiful mountains, or build atop the mountain and view the landscape. There’s also a nearby village and pillager outpost that you can checkout!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 0 85 -1
  • High Mountains: -403 90 -643
  • Village: -927 110 -927
  • Pillager Outpost: -1263 63 -1231

Lush Cave Cove Waterfall Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Priate Cove Waterfalls Seed Image

If you want a picturesque area to start your next build then this cove with a lush cave and beautiful waterfalls would be a good one to try! You also get the added addition of some mushroom trees, and some spires that shoot out of the ground inside the cave.


Points of Interest

  • Lush Cave Cove: 581 63 76
  • Village: -144 66 -384
  • Pillager Outpost: 156 70 -1233

Massive Mountains Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Massive Mountains Seed Image

Looking for a seed that really spells out what the 1.18 update is all about? Well, this seed shows off the massive cliffs and mountains that can now spawn. It has many big caves you can explore, and not too far away from spawn are a couple of villages to visit. You can also find a couple of ruined portals and a pillager outpost within walking distance.


  • Seed: 1688435240
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Village #1: 124 131 -343
  • Village #2: -260 80 -409
  • Ruined Portal: 145 119 -623
  • Pillager Outpost: 152 114 -705

Four Villages Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Four Villages Seed Image

Fans of villages will find this seed to be very interesting because there’s three villages that will spawn and a fourth that is haunted! This gives you quite a bit to explore and work with when starting up your next game. There’s also a couple of ruined portals nearby these villages, which can get you some nice loot!


  • Seed: 4402933891408538860
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: YouTube

Points of Interest

  • Village #1: 156 78 -300
  • Village #2: -267 65 8
  • Village #3: -361 63 -248
  • Haunted Village: 271 66 239
  • Ruined Portal #1: 292 66 395
  • Ruined Portal #2: -256 64 -396

Icy Valley Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Frosty Valley Seed Image

If you want a good start then this seed where you start off right next to a village is a nice one! Not too far from that you will find a beautiful mountainous range with an icy biome between it that makes for a great spot to setup your build!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn Village: -22 80 24
  • Icy Valley: -213 63 -54
  • Ruined Portal: -316 97 19

Badlands Lush Cave Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Badlands Lush Cave Seed Image

Badlands biomes are known for their mine spawns and this one is no different. You will find a mine very close to spawn that you can explore. However, the main event for this seed is a bit of a travel along the badlands mountains. You will eventually find a massive opening that leads you into a beautiful lush cave biome!


  • Seed: -2606690663582892128
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Mine: -173 69 2
  • Ocean Ruins: -267 64 126
  • Bamboo Jungle Biome: -507 95 -36
  • Lush Cave Entrance: -1109 77 411

Massive Lush Cave System Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Massive Lush Caves Seed Image

Lush Caves are a beautiful biome that you can explore and have fun with in Minecraft now. If you want to explore a vast region of this landscape, then you can use this seed. You spawn very close to this massive cave system where all of the beautiful vegetation of the biome is on display!


  • Seed: 6096073112523391586
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Cave Entrance: 248 64 -143

Mountains & Villages Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Mountains Villages Seed Image

This amazing seed spawns you in a village that climbs a massive snowy mountain. These mountains surround a meadow where you will also find a waterfall, and another village across from the spawn. You can do a whole lot with a seed like this and the villages that spawn within!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn Village: -33 157 -5
  • Village #2: 114 110 -216

Bamboo Jungle & Lush Caves Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Bamboo Jungle Seed Image

I would only recommend this seed to players looking for a more atmospheric environment for their next playthrough! You start off in the jungle bamboo biome, and underneath you will find some lush caves to explore. You are surrounded by a massive dark forest, and nearby you will find a frozen peaks mountain range that surrounds a dark forest. If you’re looking for a lot of atmosphere and don’t care about generated structures, you might find it with this seed.


Points of Interest

  • Lush Cave: -65 49 -194
  • Large Lush Cave: -95 8 -22
  • Ocean Monument: -911 61 -369
  • Frozen Peaks Surrounding Dark Forest: 426 170 242

Pirates Cove & Village Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Pirate Cove Seed Image

If you want a seed with a lot of generated structures then this pirate cove seed might be the one for you! You spawn right next to a village, but the real attraction is just a little ways across the ocean. Hop into a boat and make your way across the sea and you will find a huge mountainous area with a cove underneath to be explore. Nearby is an Ocean Monument, and near that you will find a fishing village that stretches up to the mountain. You can go further onto the land and you will find a mansion and next to that will be a lush cave biome!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn Village: 206 86 309
  • Ocean Monument: 79 61 -370
  • Pirate Cove: 154 63 -473
  • Ocean Village: -158 63 -242
  • Mansion: 589 114 -598
  • Lush Cave: 381 69 -635

Snow Mountain Igloo Village Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Snow Mountain Seed Image

If you want to survive in the cold you can head into this seed in which you will find an igloo right next to your spawn and a mountain with a village on it! If you’re looking to explore the depths, then there’s a huge cave system in this mountain that you can go through that nearly reaches all the way to the bottom of the world. This is a fun seed for anyone looking to brave the cold!


  • Seed: 6291293646550051983
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: YouTube

Points of Interest

  • Igloo: 12 64 5
  • Huge Cave System: -136 77 3
  • Pillager Outpost: -800 65 -467
  • Ruined Portal: -1267 64 183
  • Ravine: -733 75 431

Badlands Mountains with Warm Sea Lake Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Badlands Lake Seed Image

With the new biome generation you can get some pretty crazy looking seed, and this one with the huge badlands mountains and the coral reef “lake” is one of the most beautiful! This area isn’t at spawn, but it’s worth traveling over to because there’s some great caves to explore within the cove.


  • Seed: 6558412823337371180
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Coral Lake: -578 70 -440
  • Shipwreck: -538 64 -573
  • Village: -1377 63 -1636
  • Pillager Outpost: -1426 72 -687

Mountain Islands Seed

Minecraft 1 18 Mountain Islands Seed Image

If you love yourself some large islands then this seed has everything you could want! You have a great cliffside village to explore, and when you can done with that you can summit the snowy mountain that is nearby. You are on two big islands that you can explore, and you will also find a Pillager Outpost nearby. If you like the sea, you will also find a couple of Ocean Monuments.


  • Seed: 3969420520284585470
  • Platform: Java Only
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Village: -283 91 276
  • Pillager Outpost: -433 98 629
  • Ocean Monument: 126 61 160
  • Ocean Monument #2: -751 61 1264

How to Use 1.18 Seeds

Minecraft 1.18 has now released, so you should be able to use these seeds as you would have used them in the past. As long as you are playing on the 1.18 version of the game, these should work regardless of whether or not you are on Java or Bedrock. However, some of the structures that spawn in seeds will not always match up. These includes things like Villages, Outposts, Monuments, Pyramids, and other generated areas.

Those are all of the best seeds we’ve found for version 1.18 of Minecraft. If you want more details on a variety of things in the game, be sure to check out the Minecraft section of our website.

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  1. AtlasWillFindYou

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    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

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    All works

  3. Darth Revan 230

    this seed “Two Mooshroom Islands Seed” has mixed coordinates between java and bedrock editions: the village and illager tower are for bedrock (java has a ruined portal in the direction of the village from the island in the pic)

  4. anachronist

    Definitely stuff has changed since this article was published. The “Biomes & Structures Seed” still generates the landscape in Bedrock 1.18.30, but the structures aren’t there anymore. Several structures still exist (like the witch hut and the jungle temple) but not in the indicated locations.

  5. Jehovah Witnesses

    Going and try that dark oak seed and jungle with the frozen peaks mountains nearby , looks interesting also if you could look for more cool big mountains like jagged peaks or frozen peaks with a dark forest or giant tree tagia biomes surrounding it that will be great , I love those can of seeds .

  6. Winterdove

    I really loved one specific seed – 944710140.
    However, not one of the villages exist. I’ve tried on 1.18.1 and 1.18.2 (Java) and they simply do not show up. Quite disappointing, but I dont think I can do anything about it.

    Great list regardless 🙂

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Glad you like it! It is more likely that they show up in Bedrock and not in Java unfortunately. I’m going to be more careful about that in future lists.

    2. keyboarded warrior

      im using java(1.18.2) and tried the same seed, i found the village in 144, ~, -464, its a slight shift, i hope this helps

  7. feds

    Woodland Mansion Mountain Seed

    There is no woodland mansion there. Just an empty mountain

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Which version were version of the game were you on? Bedrock or Java?

  8. DeadDaveyDex

    in Mountains & Villages Seed directly under the farther village in the picture there is a hole and you can literally see a mob spawner

  9. Avoid using your real name

    in the 633155865 seed, I saw a ruined portal in distance

  10. Kat

    My friend and I did the Lush cave cove waterfall seed (1032336628) on survival but we can’t seem to find a desert anywhere, do you by chance have coordinates for one? But overall it’s amazing!! I’ve tried a few seeds here and it is so cool!!

  11. Sunnyday

    I have tried 3 of the seeds that looked good to me. Don’t work on my console. Just loads a random world. Possibly not for consoles?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Consoles should work, but is your game updated?

      1. Sunnyday

        At 1.18.12

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          Weird! There are a couple seeds on here that are Java only, did you accidentally grab one of those?

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    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’ll try to remember to look for some.

  15. m

    The two mushroom island with village seed does not actually have any villages. Not the one by spawn and no village within 1000 blocks of either mushroom islands. Both islands are there so there is at least that. This was on 1.18.1 on Java.

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      No problem!

  18. THEDOG

    The double village mountain valley is java only

  19. Goldenation

    I am going to use the Biome & Structures seed for my new world since my other worlds got deleted including the one I spent months on in survival which is sad and even the back ups got deleted so I have been looking for a new world ever since and I’m really hoping that’s the one so thank you

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I hope you like it!

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    the seeds are AMAZING

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    The seeds are great I have never met a mushroom island in my 7 years of play thanks for the seeds

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  23. ggboy

    some of these seeds do not work on mobile

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      There are some that are labeled for Java only.

  24. _Gravity_

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      Glad you like them!

      1. _Gravity_

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    I have coordinates for a geode in the Mountain Range with Lake seed! They are -22, 22, 26

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    This is amazing ! good seeds,good layout, awesome person!!!

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    Is there any fun seeds? im looking for all types of villages and all biomes because i get bored a lot (thats a me problem) but i also want mountains to climb to for good base building. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Slimey

      No rush either i have like 7 hours to sit here 🙂

      1. Slimey

        Dang and for bedrock XD

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          The majority of the seeds on this page work on both versions. If you can’t find a good seed on this list, then you might want to look elsewhere, because the post has a large variety of good seeds already.

          1. Slimey

            Ok. all these seeds are amazing! ill terraform 1 at random but sorry for all the trouble

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    Hey, I’m Robruh who discovered the Icy Valley Seed, thank you for featuring my video on your page 🙂

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    um the -1397485715 also has a amethyst geode

    1. ali

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    hi! I used the lush cave cove seed (1032336628) and went to the coordinates but i did not find the cove 🙁 any help is appreciated!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Which version of the game are you playing on?

  35. BluHunny666

    So I discovered a lush cave not to far from the snow mansion spawn the coordinates are
    ( X 350) (Y -14) (Z -6) LOVE IT!! 💋

  36. AllayMC

    I dont know if my question went in because i dont see it. if not sorry for repeating but for the High Mountain Peaks Seed where is spawn? again so sorry for reapeating if it did go in but i just cant see it

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      All comments are moderated, so you won’t see it until I approve it. The spawn coordinates of that seed are: 0 85 -1. I’ve added them to the post.

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        1. AllayMC

          Also Thanks!

          1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

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          2. AllayMC

            And a little tip, i found out that all seeds have all biomes and all natural structure’s. BUT these seeds have better generation. for proof this is what google said:
            Yes, all biomes are still present in all seeds, at least in vanilla Minecraft non-superflat maps. “Infinite” biomes are most likely not so, and will end eventually, even if the given biome does appear much larger than normal due to the same biome being randomly assigned. Hop that helps! 😀

  37. Wolfie

    The 460628901 seed has at least three more villages close to the two that you spawn near.
    It’s showcasing some very cool cave world gen features, as I’m taking my chunk loading cruise around the area

    1. Jeff

      I’ve tried so many Minecraft seed sites and this is the only one that works. Thank you so much. I can finally play on good seeds!

  38. Davy Jones

    This page sucks, I tried your “pirate cove seed” which was “packed with structures” and all I got was a big lake. With a lava cave

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I assume you are referring to this “1137461630” seed? If so, then I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just tried it out and there was plenty of structures and everything I referred to.

      I like how you tried one seed and then determined that the page sucks. Maybe don’t react so quickly, and ask a question politely instead of being rude.

  39. CreeperBox

    High Mountain Peaks Seed has 2 villages with blacksmith and 2 of the 3 have 4-5 diamonds and some armor (iron). plus the outpost is near BUT there are no mountains. idk is it at spawn?

  40. CreeperBox

    WOW any seeds with all biomes, also anyone have ideas for my custom survivial map. (i cant send it tho)

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      The Mushroom Island seed should have all of the biomes around it.

      1. CreeperBox

        which one’s ? also, what edition because i play bedrock (Switch) and last night i looked around. also the mushroom biome is at 0,70,0.

        1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

          This one: 1325351762

          1. CreeperBox

            ok! ill make sure that it is the seed that i was looking around at

  41. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    please put the spawn coordinates too

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’ll try to remember!

  42. CypnX

    The Badlands lake one has some ridiculous mountains, all the way to y-256!

    1. CreeperBox


  43. Masked_Player

    Cool,but do you have any seeds for bedrock with BIG BIG BIG mountains and all biomes for bedrock

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      All biomes is a tall order, but I did add some with huge mountains that should work on Bedrock.

  44. CweeperMC

    i need a seed that has every biome,all the structures and beutiful mountains but these seeds are soooooooooo crappin close! (also i play bedrock)

    1. Chibifishy

      1137461630 didn’t have a mansion at the coordinates listed on bedrock edition

      1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

        Generated structures can vary based on the platform you are on.

  45. coolguy123

    the seed -668710849 does not work on mcpeand spawns me on a snowy taiga with no villages or mountains around

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      You have to go to the coordinates listed, the village isn’t at spawn.