Minecraft 1.19 pre-release 1 has been released

Minecraft 1.19 is getting very close to releasing now that it has been announced that the 1.19 Pre-Release 1 is available as a snapshot.
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Players who have been eagerly awaiting the 1.19 Wild Update for Minecraft can start to get excited because the pre-release of the next big update has been released. While it isn’t totally complete, it does signal what is essentially the end of any major features that will be added. Pre-releases are designed mainly to squash bugs, which tells us that the full launch is not far off!

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As for changes from the last snapshot, here’s a look at what they’ve done according to the official post from Mojang:

  • Slightly reduced the number of Mangrove trees in Mangrove Swamps
  • Endermen, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Piglins now spawn in a wider range of light levels in the Nether (from light level 0 to 11)
  • Item interaction vibrations are now emitted when you start or finish “using” an item with a start and finish state (such as Bows, Crossbows, Goat Horns, Shields, Food)
  • Item interaction vibrations are now ignored when sneaking
  • Placing items that aren’t armor (such as Pumpkins and Skulls) in your headwear slot now plays a generic equip sound

Other than those pretty minor changes, there were some technical things altered and a couple of in-game events added.

  • Auto-completion is now available for the template argument to place template
  • Custom servers can now enable or disable chat preview for certain clients by sending a new network packet
  • Now, a chat preview is also shown for chat-related commands, such as /say and /msg
  • test-rainbow-chat has been removed from server.properties
  • note_block_play with a vibration frequency of 6
  • instrument_play with a vibration frequency of 15

If you’re ready to try out the new version of Minecraft, you just need to head to your Java launcher and make sure to select the 1.19-pre1 option where you pick the installation you want to play. This should auto-select if you have already been playing on the most recent snapshot!

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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