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We're taking a look at all of the currently known information about Deep Dark Cities that are coming to Minecraft!
Featured Minecraft Deep Dark Cities Guide

Minecraft Live 2021 brought the announcement of the upcoming Wild Update that will be bringing a variety of new and exciting additions to the game. One of these additions is going to be Deep Dark Cities, which you will find in the depths of your Minecraft world. If you’re curious about this new addition to the game, we’ll walk you through what we know about them in this guide!

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Deep Dark Cities Details

While not everything is known yet about the Deep Dark Cities, we do have quite a bit of information about them from the Minecraft Live stream. You can find out all of the currently known details below.

Release Date

Deep Dark Cities will release along with the Wild Update, which is scheduled for 2022. Unfortunately, we don’t have more exact details that in terms of when it will release. There will likely be snapshots available that will allow you try out some of the new features ahead of time though!

The Deep Dark and the Warden mob were originally going to be apart of the Caves & Cliffs update, but they’ve been expanded so much that more time is needed for them to be completed.


Deep Dark Cities are a generated structure that will spawn in Deep Dark biomes and are constructed out of Deepslate. In this area you will find treasure chests that you can loot, but doing so can possibly trigger the spawn of the extremely powerful Warden mob. The cities will be home to Sculk, and all of its related blocks. The interior of the city is very dark, and generally only lit by candles and Soul Lanterns.

An example of what the Deep Dark City looks like in Minecraft

Treasure Chests

Not much is known about what kind of loot you can expect while exploring a Deep Dark City, however, one chest was opened during the demo and the following loot was found:

  • Enchanted Book – Quick Charge 3
  • Enchanted Book – Looting 3
  • String
  • Snowballs


Sculk is a new substance that will spawn in the cave biome known as the Deep Dark. There are various types of blocks that spawn on and around Sculk.

A look at Sculk blocks and Sculk veins in the Deep Dark City in Minecraft

Here’s a list of the Sculk blocks and substances:

  • Sculk Block – A full block of Sculk.
  • Sculk Catalyst – Spreads the Sculk around if a mob dies nearby. The amount of Sculk spread is determined by the XP that would drop from the mob.
  • Sculk Vein – A Sculk material that spreads over other blocks.
  • Sculk Sensor – Sends a signal to other Sculk sensing blocks when a player makes noise nearby. You can sneak past these without setting them off, but opening chests and breaking blocks will set them off. If you walk over the sensor while sneaking, that will also set it off.
  • Sculk Shrieker – A Sculk block that will make a loud noise if a sensor sends a signal to it, which will also give the player the darkness debuff. If the Sculk Shrieker is set off too many times, the Warden will spawn from under the ground.

Here’s an example of the Sculk Catalyst spreading Sculk when a Zombie was killed:

An example of a Sculk Catalyst spreading Sculk after a Zombie kill in Minecraft

It appears that all Sculk blocks require a Silk Touch enchanted tool to collect them. If you destroy a Sculk related block or substance, it should grant you XP! Sculk will also be useful for working with Redstone.

The Warden

The Warden is a very strong mob that will spawn if a Sculk Shrieker is triggered too many times. They are the first truly blind mob in the game, and use sound and smell to trackdown their prey. If you get too close to The Warden, they will be able to attract you with smell. If you break a block, open a chest, or trigger a sensor they will be go towards the location of where the sound was made.

The Warden can be distracted, you can throw a snowball or other projectiles and they will be drawn to where it landed. It appears while you are in the vicinity of The Warden, the darkness effect will be applied. The mob does a ton of damage, and even with a full set of Netherite Armor, you will only be able to withstand one or two hits before death.

An example of The Warden in Minecraft

That’s everything we currently know about Deep Dark Cities in Minecraft! There’s likely to be more details revealed in the future, which we will add to this post as soon as possible. Be sure to check out the Minecraft section of our website for more information on the game!

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