Minecraft Snapshot 23W12A – Sniffer Egg, Archaeology Changes, & More!

We're delving into the Minecraft Snapshot 23W12A Update, exploring the various new features, enhancements, and changes introduced to enrich and enliven the game's environment and player experience.
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Get ready to embark on a new adventure in the ever-evolving world of Minecraft! The latest Snapshot 23W12A Update offers a plethora of fresh features and enhancements that promise to revitalize your gameplay experience. From intriguing archaeology sites to innovative Sculk Sensor variants and delightful new flora, this update brings an exciting new chapter to the Minecraft universe.

New Features

All the features and changes that were part of the “Update 1.20” experimental pack are now integrated into the game. Blocks of Amethyst have received vibration resonance functionality, and the Calibrated Sculk Sensor block has been introduced. Suspicious Gravel, more Archaeology sites, and new Pottery Shards have also been added. Additionally, there are five new armor trims, improved customization options for signs, as well as the Sniffer Egg and Pitcher Plant.

Vibration Resonance

Blocks of Amethyst now exhibit a new behavior when positioned next to Sculk Sensors. If a Sculk Sensor detects a vibration, the Block of Amethyst will re-emit its frequency as a separate vibration from its location. This feature, called Vibration Resonance, allows players to transfer vibration frequencies across long distances without having to recreate the vibration naturally.

Calibrated Sculk Sensors

This new variant of Sculk Sensors enables players to filter vibrations based on their frequency levels. Calibrated Sculk Sensors are not found naturally and can only be crafted using a Sculk Sensor and three Amethyst Shards in the Crafting Table. One side of the Calibrated Sculk Sensor can receive a redstone signal as input, and the strength of that signal determines the vibration frequency the Sculk Sensor will listen to.


The Suspicious Gravel block has been added, sharing the same characteristics as Suspicious Sand. Suspicious Gravel is now found in Cold Ocean Ruins, while Suspicious Sand is found in Warm Ocean Ruins. Sniffer Eggs can be discovered in these locations. Additionally, the Trail Ruins, a hidden structure from a lost civilization, has been added. Four armor trims can be found here, along with 16 new Pottery Shards, bringing the total number of Pottery Shards to 20. These are distributed across the five Archaeology sites: Desert Wells, Desert Temples, Cold Ocean Ruins, Warm Ocean Ruins, and Trail Ruins.

Armor Trims

New armor trim Smithing Templates have been added to the following structures:

  • Trail Ruins: Wayfinder Armor Trim, Raiser Armor Trim, Shaper Armor Trim, Host Armor Trim
  • Ancient City: Silence Armor Trim


Sign text can now be edited after being placed in the world, and both sides of the sign can have separate text and colors for enhanced customization options. By default, a sign will prompt you to input the front side’s text when placed. To apply text to the back side, you must walk to the other side and interact with that face to edit it. Signs can also be waxed with Honeycomb, preventing further edits to the text. Click commands on signs can only be invoked when the sign is waxed. If a sign with a click command is not waxed, interacting with it will not invoke the command and instead open up the edit screen as usual.

Sniffer Egg

Sniffer Eggs can be found in the Suspicious Sand of Warm Ocean Ruins. When two Sniffers breed, they do not immediately spawn a Snifflet; instead, a Sniffer Egg is dropped. The hatching process is affected by the surface on which the egg is placed. When placed on Moss, the egg will hatch after approximately 10 minutes, while on all other blocks, it will take around 20 minutes to hatch.

Pitcher Plant

Sniffers can now occasionally sniff up a Pitcher Pod item. When this Pod is planted in Farmland, it grows into a Pitcher Crop, which has five growth stages. Once fully grown, the Pitcher Crop can be harvested, yielding a two-block-tall Pitcher Plant.


Vibration frequencies of many actions in the game have been tweaked. Wither effect particle color and Potion of Slow Falling color have been adjusted to make them more distinguishable. Step sounds can now combine for blocks walked through and stepped on. In preparation for the Calibrated Sculk Sensor, vibration frequencies have been greatly simplified to prevent unwanted interference.

Combination Step Sounds

This update combines two different step sounds for carpets, snow, nether sprouts, and warped and crimson roots. The top-most block you are walking on is played as normal, while the block underneath is played at a lower volume and pitch.

Armor Trims

The Dune Armor Trim now has a brand-new pattern and Smithing Template icon, while its old pattern is now used by the Sentry Armor Trim. A new icon has been made for the Sentry Armor Trim Smithing Template to fit this pattern, and the Sentry Armor Trim’s old pattern is now used by the new Shaper Armor Trim.

You can find all of the details on the Snapshot on the official Minecraft blog page. If you want to see some of the changes in action, check out this video:

This latest Minecraft Snapshot 23W12A Update brings a vast array of new features, changes, and enhancements to the game. It’s time to embark on a fresh new adventure and explore the exciting additions awaiting you in the world of Minecraft!

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