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New Anime Mania One Piece update!

Roblox Anime Mania just got a brand new One Piece update that brings a whole lot of characters from the popular Anime to the game!
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Roblox Anime Mania is getting larger, and the newest update for the game is bringing characters you will recognize from the popular One Piece Anime! There’s Marco the Phoenix (Phoenix), Crocodile (Alligator), Endel (Thunder God), Akainu (Zakainu), and Charlotte Katakuri (Mochi Master)! Experience Units have also been added to fodder, so you can level up your characters more easily.

The majority of the new units are legendary, so these will be tough to get… especially because they have now made it that the pity timer does NOT save. This was apparently due to the fact that Gems are too easy to get. Here’s what they said via their Discord:

Pity count was adjusted due to the fact that gems are currently very easy to get and the pity count simply made it far too easy to get legendaries and took away some of the satisfaction of actually acquiring them. Thanks for understanding!

That’s pretty unfortunate, because that was really the main way you got legendary characters. Having to get them randomly is very difficult and it is all down to luck. Pity still exists, but the count resets when you leave the server. So, you would have to Roll all 45 times within a single session. Based on the reaction from the Discord, it is not a welcome change, but we’ll have to wait and see if they decide to change it back.

There were a lot more additions to the game, so check out the official information below!

Official One Piece Update Patch Notes

-New legendary, “Mochi Master”
-New Legendary, “Thunder God”
-New Legendary, “Phoenix”
-New Legendary, “Zakainu”
-New Rare, “Alligator”
-New fodder units
-EXP UNITS HAVE BEEN ADDED! They give 15 EXP per feed
-In infinity mode every 5 rounds you have a 10% to get an, “EXP UNIT”


Fixed Awakened Hitachi black fire on mobile
Banner glitching should be fixed!

Yamamoto’s move no longer fling enemies at mach 20
Sadness new move added, “Animal Path Summoning” he calls in the animal path and he gets iframes
Mobile no longer stops running when using a move/stunned
Neji- Buffed HP
Improved Broly’s dash move
Shanks 1 and 2 skills changed so now u can use him as a assist unit
There is no level limit on getting a trait
Buying a trait buffed to 50,000 Gold
You can reset your trait with 1000 Gems
Pity pull no longer saves after leaving HOWEVER if you have never done a pity pull then it will save until you activate it.
You now have to unlock new categories by finishing categories.

Be sure to check out the new Anime Mania update in-game, and if you’re looking for codes to get you started then be sure to head to our Anime Mania Codes page!

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