New League of Legends champion, Milio, revealed

League's newest champion, Milio, has just been revealed via the addition of his page to the League of Legends universe website.
Milio League Of Legends
Image: Riot Games

League’s newest champion, Milio, has been revealed today. After plenty of waiting, players finally get to see what this champ, who was announced and officially named in the last champion roadmap, looks like, as well as read his lore and short story.

For those who haven’t followed Milio’s development, the champ is League of Legend’s first-ever male enchanter support. While we haven’t seen what this champ does yet, its safe to say he will bring some new excitement to the botlane.

Milio is also the game’s second champion from Ixtal, being the first one released since Qiyana and the region was made. Being a young fire mage, Milio’s story is interesting and expands on the lore of League’s newest region.

The following is an exert from Milio’s universe page, where you can read his entire biography and short flavor story;

“Mlio is a warmhearted boy from Ixtal who has, despite his young age, mastered the fire axiom and discovered something new: soothing fire. With this newfound power, Milio plans to help his family escape their exile by joining the Yun Tal—just like his grandmother once did. Having traveled through the Ixtal jungles to the capital of Ixaocan, Milio now prepares to face the Vidalion and join the Yun Tal, unaware of the trials—and dangers—that await him.”

Soothing fire is an interesting concept, mixing up the traditional fire mage archetype and trading a talent for destruction for healing and buffs.

Milio livens up League’s sometimes dreary roster with childlike wonder, adventure, and wholesomeness. The young mage shows his eagerness to explore and the love for his family in his short story, Milio’s Super-Special Adventure, which is written from the point of view of the support writing home to his family.

“ANYWAY, I bet you’re all wondering about my journey. Well, guess what? Your favorite Milio has become super tough and rugged camping under the stars, hehe. The jungle isn’t as scary as it looks, especially when I have my fuemigos to keep me warm at night. Plus, now I don’t have to share my bedroom anymore!”

Erik Hodges

Erik Hodges

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