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New World Countdown Timer – NA, EU, Australia, & South America!

We're featuring a countdown to the release of the highly anticipated New World by Amazon Games!
Featured New World Countdown Image

New World is the first large scale gaming project to be created by Amazon Games and the developers at Amazon Games Orange County Studio. This is an MMO that will take you on a grade adventure throughout the supernatural island of Aeternum. You can explore, fight, and forage your way across the land. There’s opportunities for players to delve into the PVE side of things, or you can engage in some exciting PVP action!

This is a relatively foray for Amazon as they enter into more deeply into the gaming space. They’ve had some smaller releases in the past, but nothing as large as New World. The game was announced all the way back in 2016 at TwitchCon, and finally got into the hands of players during a closed beta in July 2021.

New World Countdown

The New World release date is set for September 28th, 2021. The exact time it releases depends on where you live in the world. They have scattered out the times to reduce the impact on the servers, so hopefully they don’t end up with any problems. You should be able to find your country below to see when it will be available in your neck of the woods!

New World is now available in Europe, South America, Australia, and US East!

US West

New World US West Countdown

New World Should Be Available in US West!

If you want to see specific times for the launch of the servers, then you can refer to the map that was distributed by the official New World website:

New World Launch Times Image

Server Launch Times

  • Australia: 9pm AEST
  • US West: 8am PDT
  • US East: 8am EDT
  • South America: 8am BRT
  • EU: 8am CEST

If you want to get ahead on things, you can preload New World, which will allow you to jump into the game as soon as it launches. This starts a day before the launch at the following times:

  • Australia: 1 AM AEST
  • US East: 11 AM EDT
  • US West: 8 AM PDT
  • South America: 9 AM BRT
  • EU: 2 PM CEST

If you think you’re for sure going to purchase the game, it’s a good idea to pre-order it because you will get some freebies. You stand to get Isabella’s Amulet, the Fist Bump emote, a guild crest set, and a unique “Expedition One” title for your pre-order. Otherwise, you could wait for the release and see how the servers handle the influx of people.

New World Generic Image

One thing to be slightly concerned about when a new MMO arrives in the gaming community is how will the servers be able to handle it. This game does have something going for it in that Amazon is supporting it, which means they have access to their own AWS hosting, which is massive in scale. If any company could handle a large player base, you would think it would be Amazon.

That’s everything you need to know about the release of New World! We’ll be covering more things about the game in the future, which you will be able to find in the New World section of our website.

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