Newsday Crossword June 20 2023 Answers (6/20/23)

Here are all of the answers to today's Newsday Crossword puzzle for June 20 2023 to help you finish it up!
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The Newsday Crossword is a syndicated crossword that is published across different apps and websites each day. It is one of the “easier” crosswords to work on compared to some of the heavy-hitters like the NYT Crossword. Below, you’ll find the answers to the Newsday Crossword for June 20 2023 below!

There is a new puzzle to work through each day of the week. This crossword is considered to be balanced between being fun and engaging with some challenge but entirely solvable without tearing one’s hair out!

Newsday Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for the Newsday Crossword Answers. The clues are in alphabetical order as we think that might be easier to find any specific clue you’re looking for.

Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!)

Takes a break
Strike with an open palm
Piece of hosiery
Money spent
Pepsi or Coke
''Once __ a time . . .''
Hiker's path
Mustache or sideburns
Widespread popularity
Self-__ (trust in one's own abilities)
Run away from danger
Persuades to volunteer
Verified an age, in a bar
Cashew or almond
Local sandwich shop
Lump of clay
''Me too!''
Four-door car
Makes a mistake
Standing very straight
Just average
Hammer's target
Rustic hotel
Large body of salt water
Keyboarding mistake
Brought home, as a shelter dog
''Mamma __!''
Aspirin tablet
Self-__ (country's rule by its own people)
''Me, myself, __''
Author unknown: Abbr.
Prohibited thing
Horse rider's strap
''Nothing __!'' (''Easy!'')
Middle-arm joint
Oak or maple
Takeoff hour guesses: Abbr.
Student's work stations
College military program: Abbr.
Money in Spain or France
__ Lee of Marvel Comics
Workweek-ending shout
__ as a rock (well-built)
Bus or train timetables
Cash advance
Wonderland girl
Mother or father
Self-__ (needing no outside help)
Whitish gems
Celestial streaker with a tail
Middle-leg joints
Minor fender bumps
Young boy
Doing nothing
Antlered animal
''When all __ fails . . .''
Self-__ (ability to control yourself)
Houses' lower levels
Serving platter
Lose one's balance
Capital of Norway
Why a tire is flat
Explosive initials
Cancel out
In separate places
Restaurant patron
Any nostalgic song
''__ DISTURB'' (sign on a hotel room door)
Paid for a poker hand
Null and __
Ram or rooster
Gradually recedes
Cozy corner
Drags from behind, as a car

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