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Pet Simulator X Cat Plush restock countdown!

The Pet Simulator X stuffed cat plush is going to be available again for sale and we'll tell you when it is going to be!

The popular Pet Simulator X Cat Plush is going to be restocked for fans of the game to purchase once again! These things sold like hotcakes the first time around and sold out in very little time. You can expect that the restock will be a similar result, so make sure to be ready to go if you want to get one of these for yourself!

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Cat Plush Countdown

The Pet Simulator X Cat Plush restock will be available On October 10th at 1pm CST. Worldwide shipping is available and you can pay for the stuffed animal with PayPal. If you aren’t sure what time this will be where you live, you can see how long you have to wait via the following countdown!

Update: The Cat Plush has officially sold out, hopefully you were able to get one!

Pet Sim X Cat Plush Sale Countdown

The Cat Plush should be available!

The cat plush can be purchase via the Big Games Store online. It will say Sold Out currently, but that will change once it goes back on sale. However, this thing will sell out very fast, so make sure you have your payment information ready to go and are on the website as soon as it arrives! This plush will cost you $69.95 USD each, hopefully you’ve been saving up your money to get one.

One of the big reasons this thing is so popular is because you get an exclusive merch code with it that will give you the Huge Cat pet in Pet Simulator X. This thing will match the power of your best pets due to the unique Best Friend enchantment, and has a very large model that dwarfs all of the other pets in the game right now. It will also have a unique ID number and your name will be stamped on it forever!

If you purchased one during the first sales run and haven’t received it yet, you can email the supplier via this address: [email protected]

That’s everything we know about the restock of the Cat Plush that you can purchase! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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  1. How often do these get restocked? My daughter is begging for one but I can’t find it anywhere but on eBay and I would rather not pay 3x more..

    1. It has only been restocked once, but I would expect it to happen again eventually. We just don’t know when, unfortunately.

  2. is it gonna restock soon?

    1. Haven’t seen anything official yet.

  3. I really want the plushie

  4. Hello i am new at the game and my friends are helping me please can U give ME a plush thank you

    1. Why does that mean you should get a plush?

  5. Give me huge cat

    1. I would have, but you didn’t say please.

      1. Give me huge cat please

        1. Nah.

  6. The time made me late 1hour

    1. Sorry, we changed the timer based on new information an hour before the release.

      1. That’s why The timer was 1 hour off

  7. im gonna miss it by 1 minute