Phasmophobia 0.8 Tempest Update Patch Notes

Phasmophobia's Tempest Update is now live, featuring the 2022 Holiday event along with some new features, changes, and fixes.
Phasmophobia Tempest Update Patch Notes
Image: Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia‘s Tempest Update has now arrived, delivering significant graphics, weather, and performance enhancements as well as this year’s Holiday event. This major update has made the weather surrounding specific areas more dangerous and harsh, and ghosts are haunting locales for longer and longer each night, with some vanishing shortly before sunrise.

Starting today until early January, players can take part in the Phasmophobia 2022 Holiday event where they can earn a Unique Holiday Trophy as well as an exclusive Holiday ‘22 ID card and badge. The Tempest update also made some changes in The Custom Difficulty award multiplier which have been reduced by 80%. These changes should now separate custom games into a challenging mode and a fun mode, while default difficulties remain the primary means of character progression.

To compensate for the modifications made to Custom Difficulty, Phasmophobia will give extra rewards for doing well in the default difficulties, rewarding those with the keenest eye for ghost identification. The rewards for secondary objectives will also be changed to encourage players to fulfill the primary objective in each game rather than disregarding it. The following are the extra awards available as part of the 0.8 update:

  • Investigation bonus
    • If you can identify the ghost correctly and escape alive, you will double the money and experience you earn for the primary and secondary objectives you complete during that contract!
  • Perfect Investigation bonus
    • If you manage to complete the above but additionally; collect the bone, and fill your journal with 3-star photos, you will gain an additional sum of money and experience on top of the Investigation bonus!
  • Secondary objectives have had their rewards reduced to make way for the Investigation bonuses

Phasmophobia’s Tempest Update also includes various changes to ghosts which are as follows: 

All ghosts

  • Hunting ghosts’ model flickers are now synced across all players (which should also help hunt photo reliability)
  • When hunting, ghosts now affect lights at the same range as equipment, if on the same floor.
  • Raiju – 15m
  • All other ghosts – 10m


Wraiths have been adjusted to match their journal description better

  • Wraith will never step in a salt pile
  • Updated journal weakness


Obake has finally remembered how to shapeshift!

  • During a hunt, Obake has a 6.66% chance each time it flickers to shapeshift into a different ghost’s form. They will then return to their original form.
  • This is guaranteed to happen at least once per hunt, so keep your eyes peeled!


The legendary Revenant has been left behind in the ranks of the new threatening ghosts. So, we’re finally returning some former glory to the speed beast, and adjusting how this ghost hunts, hopefully placing them back on the podium!

  • Instead of slowing down instantly after losing line of sight, Revenant will keep their increased speed until reaching your last known position
  • Their speed will now decrease gradually over 2.7 seconds (0.75m/s) instead of instantly


As Goryo has a history of disobeying their roaming changes, we’ve finally put an end to the over-exploring ghost

  • Goryo can no longer change its favorite room or roam long distances


Hantu’s secret ability’s visuals have been adjusted

  • Hantu’s cold breath will now play in any room during hunts if the breaker is off
  • Hantu cold breath visuals have been improved


  • Yurei can no longer use their ability when there is no door in its current room

Phasmophobia’s Tempest Update also added several new features along with some fixes, which you can read more about on the Phasmophobia Steam page.

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