Poppy Playtime releases new found footage lore video

Poppy Playtime has released another terrifying found footage video featuring Kissy Missy!
Poppy Playtime Kissy Missy Image
Image: Mob Entertainment

Mob Entertainment’s indie horror hit Poppy Playtime has revealed another found footage-style video, this time featuring instructional footage set in August 1995 which explains how to move “Giants”.

Poppy Playtime builds a lot of its lore in-game through scratchy old videos, but the live-action approach has been well-received among fans for its creative horror imagery. You can watch the full trailer on Poppy Playtime’s official YouTube channel here:

Although the previous trailer included a lot more interaction between Poppy Playtime’s villains and the real world, today’s lore video was still pretty inventive.

It successfully builds tension by slowly revealing how corrupted the footage actually is via text, and by keeping Kissy Missy in a surprising state of absolute stillness. Viewers expect the character to break out, especially following the previous found footage teaser. Instead, the devs smartly subverted expectations.

The video also ramps up the pace and suspense by creating and breaking its own in-game rules all at once, which was very effective. There is a definite sense of impending doom, which is impressive, given that fans of the game already know so much.

Although these videos don’t show any gameplay, they are arguably some of the best marketing that Mob Entertainment has mustered. Horror fans who are still unfamiliar with Poppy Playtime, or its asymmetrical spin-off PROJECT: PLAYTIME, would definitely be sold by these lore videos. After all, both of these are still indie games and may have flown under the radar for mainstream audiences.

The found footage also builds on the mythology, and open up doors to upcoming sequences or themes in future updates. But most importantly, it blends the in-game world with ours, which creates a surrealistic experience that helps bolster and renew tension when you play.

You can read more about Poppy Playtime, PROJECT: PLAYTIME, and other indie horror games by checking out the rest of our news section!

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Anthony Fertino

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