Project Slayers Update 1.5 Log and Patch Notes

Detailed breakdown of the recently released Update 1.5 for Roblox Project Slayer, covering enhancements, new additions, and bug fixes.
Roblox Project Slayers
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The 1.5 update for Roblox Project Slayer is now live, marking a significant expansion of the game’s content and functionality. The update encompasses a broad range of improvements, from bug fixes to the addition of new elements. There’s also been new freebies added, which you can find on our Project Slayers Codes page.


Some additional changes were added on May 27th, 2023:

  • Add confirm to deleting items.
  • Add ability to see title progress in menu.
  • Some balance changes.
  • Restore devourer/polar back to original prices.
  • Add new titles.
  • Add stat equipment slots, for people to swap out all equipped stats with 1 button, 2 for free and more with gamepass.
  • Add the 2 hats that weren’t added.
  • Increase health scaling.
  • Fix enmu clash for mobile.
  • Fix mugen train enmu train part killing people if they on ultimate before they kill enmu.
  • Add mugen train hell mode.
  • Add Douma/Tengen to ouwigahara.

In terms of player progression, the maximum level and mastery have been increased to 225 and 250 respectively. This allows players to reach higher levels of expertise and accomplishment in the game. Alongside these enhancements, four new locations – Ouwohana, Sound Cave, Snowy Place, and Devourer Jaw – have been added, presenting fresh environments for exploration and adventure.

With regard to content, several new bosses have been introduced, including Tengen, Douma, Snow Trainee, and Sound Trainee, providing a new set of challenges for players. Furthermore, the game has received new Breathing Styles: Sound Breathing and Snow Breathing, providing a wider range of combat options. The Ouwigahara Dungeon has been reworked, and a Trading Hub has been created where players can purchase developer products and trade items with different trading levels.

The weapon arsenal in Project Slayer has expanded with the introduction of War Fans, Scythe variations, and Katanas, each available in different forms such as Devourer, Polar, Sound, and Snow. Additionally, a new Blood Demon Art, Ice, has been added, along with the Uzui clan.

The update offers an assortment of new cosmetic items, including Lanterns, Masks, Scarfs, Haories, and Clothing Sets. These items enhance the personalization and immersion aspects of the game, enabling players to express their unique style.

A range of new Elixirs has been introduced in the update, providing different kinds of enhancements and reset options. These include Breath Reset Elixer, Clan Spins Elixer, Demon Spins Elixir, Devourer Elixir, Polar Elixir, Exp Buff Elixir, Mastery Buff Elixir, and Race Reset Elixir.

In addition to these enhancements, Project Slayer 1.5 has also fixed the Thundercloud katana and introduced new sets: the Devourer set and Polar set, complete with tier 0-3 effects and additional systems – the blood and essence systems respectively. The game’s statistics and cosmetics system has been overhauled, along with a complete reworking of the stats backend. The encyclopedia has also been revamped, and a new Titles system has been implemented, with more titles expected to arrive in the coming week.

Furthermore, this update makes various bug fixes, adds new items for sale by non-player characters, and incorporates new items in the daily spin. Two limited items – the Tengen uniform and Rengoku Haorie – are available for purchase during this update only.

Finally, the Mugen Train segment has undergone several alterations. Civilian hit points have been quadrupled, the duration between NPC spawns has been doubled, and the core health has been tripled. Other changes include a reduction in the hit points for Akaza and flesh monsters, and an adjustment in the duration and frequency of certain game mechanics.

The following details come from a Google Doc and have been slightly reformatted. If you need general information, head over to the Project Slayers Trello.

Game Updates

  • New Max Level: 225
  • New Mastery Max: 250

New Locations

  • Ouwohana
  • Sound Cave
  • Snowy Place
  • Devourer Jaw


New Bosses

  • Tengen
  • Douma
  • Snow Trainee
  • Sound Trainee


  • Ouwigahara Dungeon

Breathing Styles

  • Sound Breathing
  • Snow Breathing


  • Trading Hub
  • Purchasable Dev products
  • Added Trading levels to certain items

New Blood Demon Art

  • Ice

New Clan

  • Uzui (Supreme)

New Weapons

  • War Fans
  • Devourer War Fans
  • Polar War Fans
  • New Scythe Variations
  • Devourer Scythe
  • Polar Scythe
  • Katanas
  • Sound Katanas
  • Snow Katana
  • Devourer Katana
  • Polar Katana

New Items

  • Lanterns
  • Lantern of Despair
  • Lantern of Everlasting Glow
  • Box Lantern
  • Masks
  • Banigaru Mask
  • Tonakai KeiKai Mask
  • Tigress Warding Mask
  • Tactical Black Headband
  • Gem Stone Eyepatch
  • Bandaged Mask
  • Ominous Blindfold
  • Dark Smoke Visor
  • Bandaged Blindfold
  • Scarfs
  • Champion Scarf
  • Uncertain Times Scarf
  • Vigilante Scarf
  • Haories
  • Akai Kumo Haorie
  • Rengoku Haorie
  • Champion Haorie
  • Ichimatsu Haorie
  • Kanden Shi Haorie
  • Murasakiiro Sutoraipu Haorie
  • Boroboro Haorie
  • Tokosen Haorie
  • Snow Haorie
  • Clothing Sets
  • Douma Top
  • Douma Bottom
  • Devourer Top
  • Devourer Bottom
  • Polar Top
  • Polar Bottom
  • New Elixers
  • Breath Reset Elixer
  • Clan Spins Elixer
  • Demon Spins Elixir
  • Devourer Elixir
  • Polar Elixir
  • Exp Buff Elixir
  • Mastery Buff Elixir
  • Race Reset Elixir
  • New Gamepass/Dev product
  • Emote Pack 2
  • Rengoku Haorie
  • Tengen Uniform
  • Clan Spins Potion
  • Demon Spins Potion
  • Race Reset Potion
  • Breath Reset Potion
  • 2x Polar Ice Potion
  • 2x Devourer Potion
  • 2x Mastery Potion
  • 2x EXP potion

Change Log

  • Fixed Thundercloud katana
  • Added devourer set, with tier 0-3 effects and blood system.
  • Added polar set, with tier 0-3 effects and essence system.
  • Added stats/cosmetics system.
  • Updated categories to match stats system.
  • Fixed Mist trainer invisible wall.
  • Reworked Stats backend completely.
  • Reworked Encyclopedia.
  • Added Titles system (More titles coming next week).
  • Added Trading system.
  • Reworked Ouwigahara dungeon.
  • Reenabled Ouwigahara competitive mode and made it weekly rotation.
  • Added new items.
  • Added new bosses.
  • Snow Breathing.
  • Sound Breathing.
  • Ice Bda.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added new items to sell npc.
  • Added new items to daily spin.
  • Added 2 limited items that will be available to purchase this update only (Tengen uniform and Rengoku Haorie).
  • Added new tradeable potions products.
  • And more….

Mugen Train

  • 4x civilians hp.
  • 2x the duration between npc spawns.
  • Reduced enmu clash buttons to have 1 button per second.
  • Increased duration for buttons when falling off cart by 4s.
  • Increased core health by 3x.
  • Reduced Akaza’s hp to 12500.
  • Reduced flesh monster’s hp to 8500.
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