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Project Star All Items List

We're taking a look at all of the currently known items that you can find and get in Roblox Project Star!
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Roblox Project Star is the brand new anime RPG that is heavily influenced by the popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There’s a variety of items that you can find, loot, and get from the ground, bosses, and enemies. If you’re wondering what each of the items are and what they do, then you will find all of that information in the post ahead!

The majority of items in this game are obtained by running around the city area and happening across them. However, some can be obtained from bosses, and others from spinning the Wheel of Fortune!

Be sure to check out our post with maps for Project Star, so you can learn how to get around more easily when you are starting out in the game. We also teach you how to get Stands in the game. It looks like there will be some freebies available at some point, we will have them listed on our Project Star Codes page!

Project Star All Items List

We’ve got a look at all of the current items that you can find in Project Star. We’re still working on figuring out what everything does, but this should give you a good idea on what items you will find throughout the game.


  • Stand Arrow (25% Chance, 1% Rarity Multiplier) – Most common way to get a Stand
  • Unusual Stand Arrow (10% Chance, 1.5x Rarity Multiplier) – Slightly better Stand Arrow
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (5% Chance, 2x Rarity Multiplier) – Best ground spawning Stand Arrow
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (100x Rarity Multiplier) – Best Stand Arrow (Only obtainable at the D’arby Wheel of Fortune)
  • Rokakaka (25% Chance) – Removes the current stand you have equipped
  • Mysterious Rokakaka – Resets your stats (Can be obtained at Brando’s Garden, with Robux, or at the D’arby Wheel of Fortune)

Race Items

There are four races in the game right now: Human (starter race), Vampire, Wamuu, and Kars. These items are used to transform into the more advanced races.

  • Stone Mask (2% Rarity) – Transforms you into a Vampire
  • Wamuu’s Horn – Transforms you from a Vampire into Wamuu. You must be level 60+ to use this and you have to be a Vampire!
  • Red Stone of Aja – Will enhance Hamon techniques (?) or will transform you from a Vampire into Kars. You must be level 60+ to use this and you have to be a Vampire!
  • Umbrella – Allows you to walk around in the sun if you’re a Vampire without taking damage


As far as we are aware, you can get these items by killing bosses and spinning the Wheel of Fortune with Terence T. D’arby. He can be found at Dio’s Mansion, just ahead of the Vanilla Ice boss room.

  • Boxing Gloves – Increases the damage of physical combat style by 15%
  • Caesar’s Headband – Increases the damage of Hamon attacks by 10%
  • Goggles – Gives the wearer +5 Health
  • Jotaro’s Hat – Gives the wearer +15 Health (Can be purchased as a Gamepass)
  • Old Man’s Hat – Gives the wearer +10 Health
  • Speedwagon’s Bowler – Gives the wearer +10 Health
  • Tarkus’s Helmet – Gives the wearer +20 Health
  • Wamuu’s Headdress – Increases the damage of Vampire and Kars attacks by 10%
  • Zeppeli’s Hat – Increases the damage of Hamon attacks by 5% and gives the wearer +5 Health
  • Hamon Respirator Mask – Increases the damage of Hamon attacks by 5%
  • Meteor Fragment – Unknown what this does, but it is found when a meteorite crashes down on the map
  • Dio’s Headband – Gives the wearer +15 Health (Can be purchased as a Gamepass)


  • Banana – Used to complete the daily monkey quest at the Oasis
  • Spirit Camera – A single-use item that will show you all of the player locations on the map temporarily
  • Walkman – Listen to the Project Star Radio

D’arby’s Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune that can be found in Dio’s Mansion is one of the ways you’re going to be able to get some of the items in the game. This a money sink, gacha type scenario where you can spend either in-game cash or pay Robux for a spin of the wheel. Each spin has a chance to get you an item. This is the only way to get one of the most powerful items in the game which is the Cursed Stand Arrow.

Project Star Dios Mansion Map Image

To get to D’arby, you will need to head to Dio’s Mansion. Once you enter inside, run straight ahead until you reach a big statue. Go to the left and down the hallway. Take the first right and then a quick right. Go down that hallway and to the left you should find a stairwell. Go down the stairs and turn left. You should see the Polnareff NPC. Go past him and up the small stairway and into the room.

You should see the Vanilla Ice boss health bar pop up when you enter the room, but don’t be alarmed. I wasn’t attacked when I went in the area. Run straight ahead to the door on the other side of the room. Turn left and go up the stairs. You should now be in a room with the Esteemed Vampire Slayer Abe NPC. There’s a stairway to the right, but don’t go up it! Instead, go to the left of the NPC to a small doorway and walk through it to end up at the Wheel of Fortune!

Project Star Wheel Of Fortune Image

To spin the wheel you will either need to pay 5,000 cash or 50 Robux per roll. You get a random item, but we don’t have a full list of what they all are. I have marked in the above items list which ones we know you can get from the wheel.

That’s everything you need to know about items in Roblox Project Star. You will be able to find out all about the game in the Project Star section of our website.

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  1. Gest0b32

    ay wheres the wind tablet info u showed me?

    1. Gest0b32

      ye nvm it was in the comments

  2. theframe

    uh i got walkman but i cant use it do u know why?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No idea, sorry.

  3. Riruru

    I do not know how to use walkman in game. Does it have a command ?

  4. quepro

    how i can use hermit purple and hamon? ( whit the infusion of hamon whit the hability of hp)

  5. Flowz-zay

    what is the mysterious meteorite do?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I heard that it was to create a Requiem Arrow, but I’m not sure.

  6. Dreaded

    It says Mysterious roka Can only be obtained with Robux or at the D’arby Wheel of Fortune, but i found 2 on brando garden, is it bug or something?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Nah, looks like they can be obtained there as well. Thanks.

  7. herramisse

    You can buy a pizza item for 350$ at the pizza place. Does anyone know what it does?

    1. gomu gomu noooo

      Its for a quest in graveyard

  8. anno_2018

    Well there are 3 more items but no one seems to know where,

    old sword, wind tablet and moon tablet.

    they are used for the lvl 70 quest at the museum

    If anyone knows were they are please tell me ive been searching for 3 hours strait

    1. xytidcy

      hey, the sword i dont know… sorry… the moon tablet it’s a rewar at the bandit fortress dungeon, the wind tablet is from the gale dungeon

      1. anno_2018

        Thank you! i will do those dungeons. maybe the sword is garveyard.

      2. Omega

        I think old sword is from Graveyard dungeon, cuz 2-3 enemys with sword was here

      3. Omega

        yeah, i got moon table after killing final boss, i think it has % drop after his killing (not in dungeon rewards)

    2. ender

      i just got old sword from tarkus boss

  9. RussianCollapse

    I used quest journal for whole time I’ve been farming quests and got 39 level, and still I don’t see any quest from using it. How does it work?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’m not sure what you mean by quest journal?

      1. Gest0b32

        the item thats suppose to show where the available quests are suppose to be

  10. tsilvero

    hi, the banana is to complete a quest for a monkey in the oasis! the problem is that there’s a banana tree next to the monkey, which makes getting a banana from the roulette completely useless

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Good to know, thanks!