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How to get a Stand in Project Star

We're taking a look at how you can get a Stand in Roblox Project Star! We also have the rarities of each of the Stands, so you know how hard your favorites will be to get!
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Roblox Project Star is the brand new anime RPG that is heavily influenced by the popular manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You will be heading into the game looking for new abilities that will power up your character. Use these newly found skills to fight off powerful monsters, and compete against other players for supremacy. If you’re wanting to get a Stand, you will need to know a few things first! We will guide you through the process of getting a Stand in Project Star.

Be sure to check out our post with maps for Project Star, so you can learn how to get around more easily when you are starting out in the game. It looks like there will be some freebies available at some point, we will have them listed on our Project Star Codes page!

Stand Guide

To get a Stand in Project Star, you will need to locate one of the arrow types that can be found on the ground around Cairo city, which is the main hub of the game. These spawn randomly in the area, and you should be able to identify them pretty easily when they appear.

Project Star features multiple different arrows, with the higher rarity ones giving you a better chance at getting a rare Stand. Here’s a list of the arrows that you can find:

  • Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 1x)
  • Unusual Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 1.5x)
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 2x)
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (Rarity Multiplier – 100X)

These are arranged from most common to most rare. The higher the rarity of the arrow, the better chance you should have at getting a rarer to get Stand!

The Cursed Stand Arrow can only be obtained from the “D’arby Item Roll” in Dio’s Mansion.

When you use an arrow, you will sometimes see it glow before you stab yourself. If that’s the case, you will be getting something rare. Whether or not it’s a powerful Stand and/or a skin on it. An example of a glowing arrow is shown below.

Project Star Glowing Stand Arrow Image

Credit to KTG Gaming on YouTube for the image featured above.

How to Remove a Stand

If you want to remove a Stand from your character, you will need to use an item known as the Rokakaka. These can be found the same way you’ll find Stand Arrows, they just spawn on the ground around the city.

How to Store a Stand

If you want to save a Stand for later, you can do this by heading to the Stand Storage Room that is located near the middle of Cairo and has a big red Stand Arrow as a billboard. Go inside of the building and talk to one of the NPCs to store a Stand.

Project Star Stand Storage Image

Credit to AtlasZero on YouTube for the image featured above.

You can only store three Stands at a time, unless you fork over some Robux and purchase the Gamepass that expands your inventory. There are two you can buy, one is 300 Robux and the other is 750 Robux. Each one just gives you one extra slot, so you can have a maximum of five slots at the moment.

All Stands & Rarities

These are the current Stands that you can get in the game, along with the rarity of them dropping from an arrow.

  • Tower of Gray – 20% Chance
  • Emperor – 20% Chance
  • Judgement – 15% Chance
  • Hermit Purple – 10% Chance
  • Hierophant Green – 10% Chance
  • Silver Chariot – 10% Chance
  • The Fool – 7.5% Chance
  • Horus – 6% Chance
  • Magician’s Red – 5% Chance
  • Death Thirteen – 5% Chance
  • Anubis – 3% Chance
  • Cream – 3% Chance
  • Star Platinum – 2.5% Chance
  • Prime Star Platinum The World – 0.25% Chance
  • The World – 0.2% Chance


A unique aspect of Project Star is that when you get a Stand it can sometimes come with an Attribute. This is an important aspect of the Stand, because it gives it an additional power or weakness. Getting the specific Stand you want is one part, and making sure to get a good attribute is another.

Each of the attributes has a certain percent chance that you will get it when you roll a Stand. These are all of the attributes you can get with the rarity chance.

  • No Attribute – 40% Chance

Speed Buff

  • Fast – 5% Chance
  • Supersonic – 0.2% Chance
  • Speedy – 1% Chance

Health Buff

  • Healthy – 2% Chance
  • Fit – 1% Chance
  • Hearty – 0.5% Chance

Defense Buff

  • Tough – 5% Chance
  • Durable – 2% Chance
  • Invincible – 0.5% Chance

Damage Buff

  • Strong – 5% Chance
  • Powerful – 2% Chance

Damage & Defense Debuffs

These are the worst attributes because they reduce your damage and defense stats.

  • Weak – 5% Chance
  • Coward – 2% Chance
  • Unfortunate – 1% Chance
  • Tragic – 0.1% Chance

Damage & Defense Buffs

These are the best attributes in the game and are also the rarest. They will upgrade your damage and defense stats, so always hope for these ones.

  • Heroic – 0.2% Chance
  • Legendary – 0.05% Chance
  • Godlike – 0.005% Chance
  • Congo – 0%

Congo is listed among the attributes, but it has a 0% chance attached to it. It’s possible this is going to be added later.

Stand Skins/Shinies

Another aspect of getting a Stand is that it can sometimes end up with a different skin. This is another rare occurrence, so the rarest Stand will be one with a good attribute roll and a skin on it! Not all Stands currently have skins, but here’s a list of which ones do:

  • Hermit Purple – Frost (1% Chance), Metal (1% Chance), Rose (0.75% Chance), Overgrown (0.5% Chance)
  • Anubis – Diamond Sword (1% Chance), Kikoku (0.75% Chance)
  • Tower of Gray – Firefly (1% Chance), Toxic (1% Chance)
  • Horus – Frostbite (1% Chance), Subzero (1% Chance), Female (0.5% Chance)
  • Emperor – Hypergun (1% Chance), Jackal (0.5% Chance)
  • Cream – Negative (1% Chance), Abyssal (1% Chance)
  • Death Thirteen – Mint (1% Chance), Bubblegum (1% Chance), Nightmare (0.5% Chance)
  • The Fool – OVA (1% Chance), Arctic (1% Chance)
  • Judgement – Nightwalker (1% Chance), Inkmaster (1% Chance)
  • Silver Chariot – Gold (1% Chance), Midnight (0.75% Chance), Paladin (0.75% Chance), Possessed (0.5% Chance)
  • Hierophant Green – Red (1% Chance), Purple (1% Chance), Thanos (0.8% Chance)
  • Magician’s Red – Blue Flame (2% Chance), Blueberry (2% Chance), Dark Flame (1% Chance), Blizzard (1% Chance), Jester (0.5% Chance)
  • Star Platinum – Sea (1% Chance), Stardust (1% Chance), Nether (1% Chance), Retro (0.5% Chance), Female (0.5% Chance)
  • The World – OVA (1% Chance), Ruby (1% Chance), Shadow (0.5% Chance), Greatest High (0.5% Chance), Phantom (0.35% Chance), Spirit (0.35% Chance), Void (0.35% Chance)

The names in-game might be different from the ones listed. These are the direct listings from the files.

That means the rarest Stand in the game is going to be The World with a Godlike attribute and the Void skin on it!

That’s everything you need to know about Stands in Roblox Project Star. You will be able to find out all about the game in the Project Star section of our website.

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