Reaper 2 Bankis & Res Update Patch Notes

A new update was added to Reaper 2 that brings new content and bug fixes to the game!
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Roblox Reaper 2 has released a new update on March 21st, 2022! This release brings new additions to Soul Reapers and Arrancars. Quincy’s have had their swap weapons speed buffed. You will also find a revamped Hueco Mundo map, new quests in the area, and a variety of new NPCs. You can find all of the details on the update in the patch notes below.

Some new freebies were added to the game, which you can find on our Reaper 2 Codes page!

Reaper 2 Bankis & Res Update Patch Notes

Soul Reapers

  • NEW: Zanka No Tachi (Ryujin Jakka Bankai)
  • NEW: Hakka No Togame (Sode no Shirayuki Bankai)


  • NEW: Pantera (Grimmjow) Resurrecion
  • Finger Cero DMG buffed by 9%
  • Guillotine endlag reduced by 40%
  • Tronido Z, X startups reduced by 30%
  • Heavy Impact Bala CD nerfed to 13 seconds, damage reduced by 15%
  • NEW: Vasto Lorde model for players


  • Buffed Quincy Swap Weapons’ speed by 15%.
  • Now shows bow, arrows, blut vein and swords with reiatsu color. Vollstandings will come later


  • NEW: Revamped Hueco Mundo map
  • NEW: 7(?) new quests in Hueco Mundo
  • NEW: Raid NPCs – Jovahn, Mxstified, and Asuuna. Asuuna is located in Hueco Mundo and requires level 80. Jovahn and Mxstified are in Karakura Town and require level 65.
  • NEW: Bisect Sword Move (after Master Swordsman)
  • Buffed Karakura Town Quest EXP by 20%
  • NEW: New zanpakuto models (Katanas 6, 7, 8, and 9)
  • NEW: 3D Clothing for all races. F3NNY NPC can now reroll your clothing (Currently only Arrancars and they have 5 clothing now)
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  1. hehe

    There Is a bug for me when I fight my sword, it stops after going into resurrection. My guy is Tronido ad there is more people who have this bug. Here is a like to one of them: please fix this as I can’t use my sword to its fullest. Thanks