Roblox A Universal Time Hornet update patch notes released

Roblox A Universal Time has released a new update that brings a variety of new content, changes, and bug fixes to the game.
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The new AUT Hornet update has been released on June 4th, 2022. This release brings the new Horney minispec, along with the Needle item. Killer Queen has been remodeled, with a whole lot of other additions, bug fixes, balancing, and more added to the game. You can find all of the details in the patch notes below.

You will find the patch notes and a message from the developers that was posted on the official Discord below.


  • New Minispec: HORNET.
  • New item: NEEDLE (1hr 5%). Usable on CASEY.
  • Killer Queen Remodel.
  • Brought back bubble bomb’s 4 directional movement. (Y = forward, U = backward, J = left, K = right)
  • Fixed GER being disabled entirely.
    • Disabled Gojo’s DOMAIN EXPANSION until it’s rework is done. (@thirdside.)
  • When starting a trade you will now be notified if a certain type of inventory is approaching max capacity or if its full, when clicking on its tab in trade ui
  • Casey Bonk (LMB) can be charged for more Knockback and a bit more Damage
  • Brickbattle Ban Slam Impact Studs Effect
  • TW Neptune Skin now has a custom Aura Color
  • Attacking dummies respawn now
  • You will now respawn at your old location when switching skins. (HP, cooldowns stay.)
  • Dragon Slayer Dawn now has custom enchant music.
  • Blocking dummy now works like a normal player
  • Umbra Familiar skin (blue umbra)
  • Star Platinum: GOLD skin. Check your mailbox!
    Note: This free skin will ONLY be available for 48 hours, so get it before it disappears forever!


  • Fixed quest stacking
  • Fixed KC Counter making clones
  • Star Platinum’s Skull breaker will stop you from walking
  • Star Platinum’s Skull breaker jumping fix
  • Fixed meteor spawning positions being odd.
  • Gaster quest items will stop throwing errors if you don’t have the quest and try to use them
  • XBlaster will not miss players randomly
  • XBlaster hitboxing adjusted, and wonkiness removed
  • Fixed AIs not doing moves randomly.
  • Fixed DIO moving during his moves when he should not
  • Fixed scorpion npc throwing a million errors on death
  • Fixed various floating NPCs
  • Fixed various floating chests
  • Fixed invis walls and boat on beach (including the wall blocking a random beach stairway)
  • Fixed hitbox displaying twice the size for circular hitboxes
  • Fixed GER’s sound data being bricked
  • Fixed not being able to remove an ability after trading.
  • Fixed Jesus NPC taking your tales, without giving you SOL.
  • Fixed Thug HP being insanely high
  • Fixed a bug with custom skin sounds transfering to your next chosen ability
  • Fixed TW knife projectiles bugginess
  • Fixed Whitesnake heavy punch hitbox delay
  • Fixed Whitesnake self donut hitbox in general (size, timing)
  • Fixed Road Roller just being disabled within some servers x2
  • Finally fixed D4C Dimension Hop
  • Fixed SP’s (Stand-Off T) Gun Limb not showing Accessory Parts
  • If it wasn’t mentioned before, SP heavy punch no longer soft locks
  • Fixed Killua breaking randomly due to Network-Ownership errors
  • Fixed D4C Clone bomb being usable within Dimension Hop
  • Fixed GE’s Barrage not applying any stun sometimes
  • [Gaster Quest] all of the Gaster quest items will no longer be used once they’ve already been used in the quest
  • [KQ] Bites The Dust will not work on dead targets anymore
  • [KQ] Fixed face slam missing hits due to errors
  • [KQ] Fixed Stand-Off R’s very strange hitbox
  • [SP] Fixed walk animation from being able to play during Skull Breaker
  • [Projectile System] Fixed projectile system triggering the collision callback twice when it has no bounce setting set
  • [Projectile System] Properly fixed projectile system not ignoring transparent objects
  • Fixed skin respawn being usable with 0 HP.


  • XChara XBlaster now shoots forward
  • XChara XBlaster cooldown increase (7 -> 8 seconds)
  • XChara Double Tap has extra endlag so it shouldn’t be movestackable anymore.
  • KC (R) Impale | Block Breaks
  • XChara Reverse/Heal | Speed & Jump Decrease | None/None -> 8.5/0
  • Buffed Casey Triple Bonk Damage | 8 -> 10
  • Lowered Casey Dash Cooldown | 1.7 -> 1.6
  • Bonk Barrage Damage per Hit | 2.3 -> 2.75
  • [KC] Increased Impale hitbox size (4.2 -> 4.85)
  • [Brickbattle] Increased Superball Throw cooldown (6 -> 8 seconds)
  • [Brickbattle] Decreased Rocket Launch cooldown (13 -> 11.5 seconds)
  • [Brickbattle] Decreased Fire Paint AoE radius (6 -> 4)
  • Gojo’s (H) Beatdown doesn’t bypass block anymore | Presumably used to be a bug(?)
  • Casey’s M1 is now cancelable, and guardbreaks on full charge.


  • Sakuya portal teleport effect is no longer global
  • Sakuya room eyes anchored
    • Disabled “Alien Pod” from spawning.
  • Improved Data Saving Efficiency for Inventory
  • Changed XChara’s Overwrite to use Align- Position & Orientation instead of a constant CFrame loop (smoother)
  • Brickbattle M1s are faster and don’t feel awkward anymore
  • XChara’s (Mode Off-B) XBlaster appears in front of the User now
  • Lowered Casey Pose/Awakening Music Volume | 3 -> 1.9
  • Brickbattle’s Superball will always play the “Boing” SFX on bounce
  • Brickbattle’s Superball can bounce 6 times instead of 5 now
  • Casey when unsummoned now has normal walk/idle.
  • More (new) projectile system (seen in brickbattle) optimizations, UUID system.
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