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Roblox Arsenal developers are pausing updates until summer!

Development of the game Arsenal in Roblox is coming to a bit of a pause! Don't worry that the game might be going away, they have plans to continue developing it into the future.
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If you are a big fan of Roblox’s Arsenal like we are, then you no doubt look forward to updates to the game. Unfortunately, it looks like the devs have been going a bit too strong on the game recently and are experiencing some burnout. This is common in the game dev world, particularly with large companies that work on hugely popular games. So, it isn’t that surprising to see it happening to developers in Roblox.

This message was posted in Arsenal’s Discord on February 9th, 2021:

Howdy guys, I’m doing this with an important message:

Some of the devs are experience some burn out in relation to arsenal and will be taking a break for a few months so there wont be many update plans until the next summer update.

This does not mean we’re done working on the game, It is just a break.

Specific items like Character Skins, Melees, New Guns, Kill-Effects, ETC, and such wont be released for a bit because we have some big plans for this years summer update. We want to refine certain aspects of the game (Like first person viewmodels) And add a lot of Community Orientated features for you to play with.

This includes but are not limited to:

– Stage Builder
– Custom Game Modes
– More VIP server Commands
– Experimental Customization Features
– Crate Adjustments (Creating Series so you are more likely to receive skins you want)
– New Game modes
– And More

So do not expect many updates for the time being until roughly around summer. And just remember We’re not done working on the game.

Krystal Flynn on Arsenal’s Discord

I think the most important takeaway from the message is… they are NOT done working on the game!!! Otherwise, it just sounds like they need some time away from the game to rekindle their enjoyment of development. This is normal in a lot of professions, so don’t think that Arsenal is going away anytime soon. It appears that the group of devs will be focused on the summer update, which has traditionally been a big deal in Arsenal!

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