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Roblox BedWars New Kit: Vanessa

Roblox BedWars has released a new update that brings the Vanessa kit to the game!
Featured Bedwars Vanessa Kit Image

The Roblox BedWars Vanessa kit has just been released on November 13th, 2021! This is a shop kit, which can be purchased for 399 Robux. This an archer kit that will allow you to charge up a bow shot and when you fire it, you will launch three arrows at your target. This update also fixes some of the issues that players were having with the Voice Chat queue, which was added in yesterday’s release.

The charged shot with Vanessa doesn’t require a special weapon. You just need a normal bow, and when you are going to fire it, just hold down the fire button. You will eventually see a progress bar show up on the screen that says triple shot. Your projectile line will turn blue when it is ready to fire, and you will launch three arrows immediately in a straight line. This can do a lot of damage if you can land all three of them at the same time!

The triple shot can be used with the crossbow as well as any other bow in the game.

Here are the changes for the addition of the Vanessa Kit. The bigger patch was released yesterday, which you can find the details on in the Lucky Block Patch Notes.


Super charge your bow to perform a triple shot.

Fixed Voice Chat Queue

The Voice Chat queue is working now! Only players with voice chat enabled are able to enter.

That’s everything we know about the new Vanessa Kit that has been added to Roblox BedWars. Be sure to check out our BedWars kits post to see all of the other available kits!

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  1. Thesussyofbakkas43

    Vanessa be so op when you build up and triple shot enemy when they are in their base,,its stealing their iron

  2. NICKEY!!!!@$@$#@

    is it worth it


    its free

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I don’t see it as free.