Roblox Blade Ball Version 1.3.5 Update log and patch notes

The latest update for Roblox Blade Ball brings a new ability, a limited-edition blade, a new map, and a range of visual and mechanical adjustments.
Blade Ball Update
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Roblox Blade Ball has released its Version 1.3.5 Update, bringing an assortment of new elements, modifications, and improvements to the gameplay. One of the key changes in this update is the introduction of a new ability called SWAP. While details are scarce, this new feature joins the game’s existing abilities, potentially offering new strategic approaches for players. Need freebies for the game?

The update also introduces a limited-edition blade called PRINCE BLADE, which comes with custom animations and slash effects. Another addition is a new map named QUARRY, expanding the locales where players can engage in Blade Ball battles. Meanwhile, the arctic map has been deleted from the game, suggesting a focus on diversifying the environments while phasing out older maps.

Players can now also spectate games, a feature that provides an opportunity to observe matches without participating directly. This could be particularly useful for newcomers seeking to understand the game mechanics or for friends who wish to watch each other’s progress.

The update brings new visual effects for existing abilities; RUNIC BLAST and ARCTIC BLAST now have refreshed visual elements, although the specifics were not detailed.

Mechanically, the update has made a notable change to ball dynamics. The maximum speed of the ball has been significantly increased. While the exact numbers were not disclosed, this change could affect the pace of the game and how players interact with the ball. The developers have also included what they describe as a “bug safety net” to the game; servers will automatically restart if the ball ceases to spawn, mitigating the impact of this particular bug.

RAPTURE and CRESCENDO, abilities that had previously been removed, have been re-added to the game, although no further information has been provided regarding any potential revisions to these abilities.

The patch aims to fix a number of bugs as well. The developers report that they have hopefully addressed issues involving the ball’s erratic speed. Additionally, a problem that would occasionally cause the freeze function not to work as expected has reportedly been fixed.

Here’s the full list of changes from the official Discord server:

  • New ability: SWAP
  • New limited: PRINCE BLADE (Custom animations + slash effects, looks pretty cool when using”
  • New map: QUARRY
  • Added spectating
  • Deleted the arctic map
  • New vfx for RUNIC BLAST
  • New vfx for ARCTIC BLAST
  • Raised ball max speed by a lot
  • Hopefully fixed some bugs with ball going really fast
  • Server will now restart if the ball stops spawning (bug safety net)
  • Fixed freeze randomly not working
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  1. DaFatFish

    bug report, after a few minutes in the game, i spin for sword, it takes 80 coins, plays the spin sound effect but i get nothing, the spin roll gui thing doesnt appear either, when i join a server it spins but i dont get anything, if i got a new sword it wont appear in my sword inventory, pls fix this bug its annoying