Roblox Dragon Blox Update 16 Log & Patch Notes

Get the inside scoop on the massive new changes introduced in Roblox Dragon Blox's 16th update, including revamped game mechanics, new orbs, updated skills, and so much more.
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Roblox Dragon Blox has released its 16th update, presenting a host of modifications and additions. These changes include a new Main World Map with added features like clouds and a day cycle, allowing for an immersive gaming environment.

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The Dragon Blox update introduces a brand-new player spawning system, whereby players will now spawn at the closest location, enhancing game continuity and reducing interruptions. In addition, a sweeping rebalancing of all skills promises to provide a more dynamic, fair gaming experience.

Notably, an innovative Orbs System has been introduced. Players can now find orbs, specifically replica orbs, around the map, which spawn on an hourly basis. For a more convenient option, replica orbs can be bought from the NPC Orb Shop. Alternatively, permanent orbs can be obtained from the Store Window.

Consuming these orbs grants unique sets of skills, and earning mastery points allows for the unlocking of all skills. While replica orbs only remain until a new one is consumed, permanent orbs will always be available. However, replica orbs collected from the map will be lost upon rejoining unless they are consumed immediately or handed to another player.

New orbs have also been added, such as the Seijin Instinct Orb, Seijin Ego Orb, Potential Unleashed Orb, and Interdimensional Distortion Orb, each offering unique skills for players to utilize and master.

The update also introduces new GamePasses, including the Orb Notifier, which alerts players when an orb has spawned and directs them towards it; 2x Orb Mastery, doubling orb mastery earned; and the Orb Bag, allowing orbs collected from map-spawns to be permanently kept.

The 16th update has additionally seen revisions of weapon skills, with new skills added to weapons like the Laser Sword, Energy Scythe, Energy Spear, Crimson Sword, and the Great Sword. This change is set to invigorate combat and strategy within the game.

Squad Changes have been made, with players now able to complete duplicate quests simultaneously. This update also introduces new emotes, including Default Dance, Gangnam Style, Hotling Bling, Griddy, and Macarena, adding a dash of entertainment and levity to the game.

With the introduction of new combat mechanics, both physical and energy blocks have been rebalanced, now reducing damage from 70% to 100% if upgraded, leading to more strategic battles.

A Toolbar System has been implemented to allow seamless switching between Orbs and Weapons, with the promise of more tools in future updates. An extended tutorial questline, from Tutorial Part II to X, helps newcomers navigate through the newly introduced features.

GUI Windows such as Locator, Quests, Settings, Skills, and Store have been updated for improved player interface, and a collapse button has been added to the Quest Display. Other updates include an improved dialog user experience, less data usage due to network-code optimizations, new path upgrades for Energy Wave and Final Energy Wave and Tri Beam, and a reduction in energy usage of Flight Boost. Cancelled skills now have a cooldown period of 35% of the original cooldown.

The 16th update also saw a number of bug fixes. Issues like combat animations allowing players to clip through thin walls, the character portrait HUD not showing the accurate character, and the Crimson Sword Skill not correctly applying aggro to mobs have all been addressed and rectified.

Here’s a look at the full update log from the official Discord server:

  • New Main World Map
    • Clouds and Day Cycle
  • New Player spawning system
    • Players will now spawn in the nearest spawn.
  • Rebalancing of all skills
  • Orbs System
    • You can now find orbs(replica) around the map. (Orbs spawn every hour)
    • You can purchase replica orbs at the NPC Orb Shop.
    • Permanent Orbs can be purchased in the Store Window.
    • Consuming Orbs grant a unique set of skills, gaining mastery points will unlock all skills.
    • Replica Orbs will only remain until you consume a new orb, but Permanent orbs will always be available!
    • Replica Orbs claimed from the map will be lost when rejoining.
      • These map drop orbs must be consumed immediately or given to another player!
  • New Orbs
    • Seijin Instinct Orb
      • Skills: Ultra-Energy Wave, Super Meteor Combination, Ultra Spirit Bomb
    • Seijin Ego Orb
      • Skills: Super Galick Gun, Dirty Fireworks, Ultimate Big Bang Attack
    • Potential Unleashed Orb
      • Skills: Ultimate Masenko, Full Power Burst Rush, Super Explosive Madan
    • Interdimensional Distortion Orb
      • Skills: Phantom Dimension, Distortion Testament, Dimensional Vortex
  • New GamePasses:
    • Orb Notifier
      • Notifies when an orb has spawned and grants a skill that guides you to the orb spawn.
    • 2x Orb Mastery
      • Doubles orb mastery gained.
    • Orb Bag
      • Allows the orbs from map-spawns to be collected permanently. (Orb will not be lost on rejoin)
  • Updated Weapon Skills:
    • Laser Sword: Edge Laser, Laser Ripper
    • Energy Scythe: Scythe Assault, Dimensional Slash, Dimensional Explosion
    • Energy Spear: Blasting Spear, Multiple Thrust, Spear Overload
    • Crimson Sword: Possessing Illumination, The Devil Way, Devil Crash
    • Great Sword: Getsuga Tenshou, Getsuga Tenshou: Bankai, Bankai’s Rush
  • Squad Changes:
    • You can now complete duplicate quests at the same time (one individually and one from your squad leader)
  • New Emotes
    • Default Dance(Free)
    • Gangnam Style
    • Hotling Bling
    • Griddy
    • Macarena
  • New Combat Mechanics
    • Physical block now reduces damage from 70% to 100% if upgraded. However, it removes the aspect of it reducing damage from energy block.
    • Energy block is now rebalanced out to reduce damage from 70% to 100% if upgraded. However, it removes the aspect of it reducing damage from physical block.
  • Toolbar System: Allows switching between Orbs and Weapons, and more tools in future updates.
  • Extended Tutorial Questline (Tutorial Part II. to X.)
  • Updated GUI Windows: Locator, Quests, Settings, Skills, Store
  • Updated Dialog UX
  • Added collapse button on Quest Display
  • Optimizations to network-code for lesser data usage
  • New Beam Cancelling path upgrade for Energy Wave
  • New Beam Exit(replaces player with clone) path upgrade for Final Energy Wave and Tri Beam
  • Reduced energy usage of Flight Boost
  • Canceled skills now cooldowns at 35% of the original cooldown
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed combat animation allowing the player to clip through thin walls
    • Fixed Character Portrait HUD not showing accurate character
    • Fixed Crimson Sword Skill not properly applying aggro to mobs
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