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Roblox Islands Oil Factory update log

Roblox Islands is getting the addition of a bunch of different items that revolve around factories in this new update!
Featured Roblox Islands Factory Update Image

Roblox Islands is back again with another update, and this time they will be bringing factories to the game! This should really enhance your ability to automate and generate a whole lot more resources for your island. One of the big additions will be the ability to extract oil from the ground. This oil will likely be used for fuel, and you’ll be able to refine and barrel it!

The Roblox Islands Factory update released on August 15th at 1:30pm PST (update was delayed by an hour and a half – it should have released by now, but there must be some issue!). You will be able to give things a try in the game as soon as it has been updated!

Oil Update Log

  • Added Workbench Tier 4
  • Added Oil Deposits which spawn randomly when you have a Workbench Tier 4
  • Added Pumpjack, used to extract oil from the ground
  • Added Pipes, used to transfer different forms of oil around your island
  • Added Oil Refinery, used to convert crude oil in to petroleum
  • Added Oil & Petroleum Tanks, used to store fuels
  • Added Pipe Junction, used to split one pipe connection in to two
  • Added Fuel Petrifier, used to convert petroleum in to a solid fuel form which can be used with any machine!
  • Added fuel barrel filler & fuel barrel extractor, used to easily transport & sell your fuels!
  • Added Doug the Oil Baron, speak with him to purchase a deed for more oil deposits!
  • Added Automated Trough, keep your troughs stocked via conveyor belt!
  • Added Fruit Tree Shaker, used to harvest fruits from your fruit trees
  • Added Crate Packer Tier 2, used to pack your farm produce in to larger crates which can be sold for more
  • Added Sapling Planter, used to automatically plant saplings
  • Added Tier 2 Conveyors, used to transport your items at double the speed of old conveyors!
  • Fixed issue with Davey visiting your island multiple times, for real this time*
  • Thanks everyone for your patience with this rollout, apologies for the delay! We really hope y’all enjoy this update, and we’ll have some more additions to follow within the next couple of days.

Leaks and Previous Details

We don’t have the official details on what will be added in the factory update, but we do have some teasers and leaks. There’s at the very least going to be a pumpjack added, which is used to pump oil out of a well. This was shared on the official Roblox Islands Twitter account.

Roblox Islands Oil Pumpjack Image

There have been some leaks as well through the LeakGang Twitter. They posted images of a Oil Refinery, Oil Barreler, and a Pipe Junction. All of these will likely be apart of the whole oil factory portion of this update.

The more interesting leaks are the Tree Shaker and Sapling Planter. Based on the names and looks of those, it appears you will be able to automate the planting of trees, and shake fruit trees to harvest the automatically! We unfortunately don’t know a lot more information about this update yet, but we’ll list everything in this post as soon as it has been released.

That’s everything we know about the Roblox Islands Factory update. Be sure to check out the Islands section of our website for more guides on the game and this patch!

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