Royale High Halloween 2021 (Royalloween) is now available!

The new Halloween event for Roblox Royale High has just been released so grab your pillowcase and start getting some candy!
Featured Royale High Royaleween 2021

The new Royale High Halloween event for 2021 has been released into the game! There is a whole new map that can be explored called, Wickery Cliffs. You will find new clothing to purchase, as well as chests to unlock, and you can get yourself the new Pillowcase Candy Bag for 2021! The Candy Shop is also back, which will allow you to convert candy into diamonds. You can find all of the details from the update in the patch notes below!

You can get a bunch of free candy by checking out our Royale High Halloween Chest Locations guide! We also have a post on how to trick or treat, and how to get candy fast!

Royaleween Announcement Details

Royaleween is here, or rather, Wickery Cliffs !! As of right now, the update is only out in private servers and you get sent to this realm immediately when you join. Here’s some information highlighting the big portions of this update!

New Map

  • As for the new name, there’s a new map! When you spawn in, you see the iconic apple bobbing stations and our oh so beloved fountain.
    • Ah some of you guys predicted from the image posted above, I believe the devs went for a more Victorian style for this new map! Go check it out!!!!
    • I am unsure if there’s a maze this year since it’s nowhere to be seen on the map + no badge but I will notify you guys at a later time if one does come out.

Candy Shop

  • Candy shop is back!! But with an old twist~! You can now convert candy to diamonds at a shop on the map!
    • With the candy, you can exchange for new accessories in the shop! I want to get this announcement out as fast as I can so images will be sent at a later time.
    • If you are more interested in converting candy to diamonds, the candy to diamond ratio is 1:3.
    • Candy bobbing has changed!! To those who used to AFK farm for candies for the past two years, you’ll have to find another method because you now have to click to apple bob rather than walking into it.

New Chests

There are new chests hidden around the map! I will be making a guide for them a few hours after this announcement has been sent.

New Halloween Set

The new Halloween set is out in the shop! It is named “Goth Lolita” and it is on sale for candies. The prices in both currencies are listed here :

  • Goth Lolita Wrist Cuffs : 3,500 candy : 10,500 diamonds
  • Goth Lolita Purse : 4,000 candy : 12,000 diamonds
  • Goth Lolita Skirt : 5,000 candy : 15,000 diamonds
  • Total: 12,500 candy

Keep in mind that you cannot convert diamonds to candies, I am just keeping the diamond equivalent there for value comparison.

Candy Items

There are 11 new items in the candy store apart from the Goth Lolita set, here are the prices for all of the new ones! I honestly can’t be bothered to compile an image with all of the new accessories so here’s a list with their prices.

  • Pumpkin Autumn Earrings : 100 candy
  • Pumpkin Costume : 275 candy
  • Fancy Monocle Eyepiece : 275 candy
  • Chamber Chains : 450 candy
  • Pumpkin Beret : 600 candy
  • Windy Witch Hat : 1,250 candy
  • Ghostie Transformation : 1,200 candy
  • Crescent Moon Cloak : 1,750 candy
  • Vamp Tote : 4,000 candy
  • Batpack : 5,000 candy
  • Otherworldly Potion : 20,000 candy
  • Total: 34,900 candy

Haunted Mansion

There’s also haunted mansion labeled with “Coming spookily soon…” 👀 Maybe it could be related to the possibility of this year’s maze?

All details are from the Royale High Discord!

That’s everything you need to know about the new Royaleween update for Royale High! Check out the Royale High section of our website for more details on the game.

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  1. Benny boi

    What is the invite code for the Royal high discord server

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)
  2. Pineapple

    The Haunted Mansion might be the new school, Because in one of the notices they said that they would release the School in royalloween and they were building the map before it got delayed.

    1. Queen Gorgeous

      Omg! I hope so, and that is a very likely possibility!

  3. StinkyToes

    Whats the fastest way to farm?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Bobbing for apples probably.

  4. froggyy

    Is there a reason why people are trading halos for the new Halloween items because I don’t think they are worth that much?

    1. aulcria

      i have no idea maybe its because people want it now, and they dont feel like farming. its literally insane im looking on traderie and i see people offering 100k for the goth lolita skirt.. i feel like if you wait a week or so you will be able to see the prices go down so i guess wait! farming: bobbing for apples is the best

  5. SebastiansayshelloBB

    What is the fastest way to farm? And are we 100% sure there are only 5 chest total?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      Yes, there’s only five chests. The fastest farm is likely bobbing for apples.

  6. Queen Gorgeous

    Omg! How many chests are there? I have been looking so hard and only found 4. How many more are left to be found? And, does anyone know when the Haunted House is officially coming out? I have so many questions!!!

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      There’s five chests in total, I have a guide for them here:

      There’s no set date for the Haunted House as far as I know!

      1. Queen Gorgeous

        Ok, thank you!