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How to get Moon Breathing in Slayers Unleashed

Let's take a look at all of the requirements and where you need to go to fight the boss that can get you Moon Breathing in Slayers Unleashed!
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Moon Breathing is the latest ability set to be released into Roblox Slayers Unleashed. This has been awaited for a long time, so players are obviously excited to get their hands on it. Moon is pretty difficult to get because of a challenging boss fight, and the requirements you need to obtain to fight the boss! We’ll tell you what you need to know in this guide.

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Moon Breathing Guide

To get Moon Breathing in Roblox Slayers Unleashed, you will need to talk to Rac the Injured Demon Slayer NPC near the rice fields. This will send you to Kokushibou’s Lair, where you will need to fight Kokushibou and defeat them to have a chance to get Moon Breathing!

You need to be the Hybrid race and over level 150 to fight the Kokushibou boss! I’m pretty sure you will need either the Tsugikuni or Tokito clan to get Moon Breathing. You will have an 85% chance for it to drop from the boss if you have Tusgikuni, and Tokito will give you a 50% chance.

The level requirement was lowered from 250 to 150 in the .051 version update. That doesn’t mean you should attempt the fight at that level, because it will be very difficult!

Here’s how you located the Injured Demon Slayer NPC:

According to the developers, this boss fight was specifically made to be difficult because it was too easy to get Sun Breathing for players. So, if you’re struggling with this fight, it is meant to be that way!

You will at the very least want to have Demon Regen available to you so that you can heal some of the damage that you take. I’ve seen talk that Insect and DOMA are also very good for battling against Kokushibou. It would also be best if you’re much higher than level 250, because while that is the requirement, it’s still the baseline level you need to be.

Moon Breathing Abilities

  • Evening Palace – User fires off two Solar Dragons that track to the closest character to your mouse cursor
  • Loathsome Moon – User performs Multiple dances in a row and strikes the closest enemy
  • Mirror of Misfortune – User thrusts there blade and calls down Slashed from the Sun
  • Moon-Dragon Ringtail – User spins the air and slashes down near to the mouse cursor

That’s everything we know about how to get Moon Breathing in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. Be sure to check out our Slayers Unleashed Patch Notes post to see all of the details from current and future updates.

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  1. anonymousGuy

    I have tsugikuni and still can’t get moon…

  2. just asking so i can be strong

    how many tries do i have i have tokito i fought him once and didnt get it do i have chance to get it if i fight him again plz reply fast

    1. kimi

      maybe in 10 times idk

  3. ez noobs

    can you get moon breathing by like spinning for it with tokito and hybird

  4. bhuifwf

    i thought you can get moon at lvl 200

  5. OreoMalt

    If you have moon and are in tsugikuni clan, if you reroll your clan and get a non moon clan, will you lose your moon breathing?

    1. vNotomnitrix


  6. joe

    doesnt work u need to be lvl 800+

    1. ArouraVail

      Yaa duh it literally says that in the objective

  7. Technobrick12

    I keep fighting and beating him but it still won’t give me moon breathing and I am the moon breathing clan

    1. Prada'sCurse666

      I’d suggests you use a drop boost exp ( lasts for about 45+ mins if im not wrong)

  8. Mystix

    Why can’t I use moon when I mastered it

    1. skrrrrrr

      same bro, do you know why??

  9. awwdffwa

    + im hybrid + i have clan tsugikuni SO WHY I CAN’T !?!?!?!? ?>:(

    1. hdhegdydydydydy

      What’s ur level it has to be 800

  10. awwdffwa

    wdawawadawd why i can’t do Kokushibou boss i have 211 lvl WHY!??!?!?!?

    1. Yorrichi

      BRO u have to be level +800 ;-;


    Guys why i can’t get any drop from bosses ?
    like i defeat Kokushibou 3 times with tokito clan and nothing.
    I defeat Rengoku Kyojiro 16 TIMES and nothing.
    I just defeat Giyu Tomioka and nothing.

    1. soup


      1. Yorrichi

        What level are y’all?

      2. ArouraVail

        Ya all these comments are complaining about levels

    2. epele

      hmmm did you get any luck because i defeat kokushibu first time i got moon and his sword and haori but i had tsugikuni clan so try again and try get stronger or maybe go for sun breathing?

      1. Killa Jayvi

        I got the kamado clan but I was a hybrid 😭 so I resound and got the tokito clan

        1. Rei

          me too lmao, got the kamado and i was hybrid race, so we need to lose our kamado clan:<

  12. Renkage

    how do i equip moon pls

    1. void

      be a hybrid + be level 800 + must be tsuikuni clan

  13. bruh why cant i use moon

    yeah i dont know the fix

  14. oiiiiii

    how to get moon breathing in slayers unleashed without the tokito clan and the tsugikuni clan?

    1. michael de santa

      no you cant get it without the clan

  15. boiiii

    how to defeat the kokushibo boss without the clan of tokito and tsugikuniclan?

    1. mohihjaha

      you cant

  16. Dusk_boi

    same it won’t let me get it either.

  17. oreomalt

    So, i have beaten kokushibou 5 times, i unlocked moon twice. when i go to the moon breathing art it says i dont have it (im a hybrid in tsugikuni clan) i dont know what is wrong and why it is doing this

    1. Yuo You hanma

      Same it say i mastered it i check i dont have it do i need to get rid of my dark thunder?

      1. Person

        dark thunder sucks

        1. mryxcse

          it dosent if you know how to use it then its one of the best breathings u can get

    2. epele

      i have reported it to the owner of slayers unleashed he said he will be fixing on it but try leave and rejoin

  18. demonlordmeliodas

    I beat it by just using water breath and demon regen

    1. michael de santa

      same lol

  19. Goryniu

    can get moon from spins with 20 lvl?


      same idk

      1. Thor

        No. However there isn’t a level requirement to fight Kokushibo. And you can’t get it from Spins. You need level 250 to make the fight with Kokushibo smooth

  20. yessir no_sir

    so i beat the moon dude twice with he right clan (the one that has an 85% chance of getting moon breathing) and uhhhh
    i beat him twice
    i was lvl 250+
    idk i didnt get it

    1. Moonmaster

      Are you a hybrid

  21. A bozo

    Can you get sun and moon breathing?

    1. Yorrichi


  22. joemama1234xd

    i beat kokushibou and then when i got moon breathing it didnt change my current breathing which is water. this also happened when i got his haori; it didnt show up in my inventory after i got it.

    1. jorumi2

      same here bro it didnt show up my nichirin and haori of kokushibou

  23. kipoo

    i have tsugikuni and moon is still hard to get 🙁

    1. michael de santa

      i got first try gl bro

      1. Arouravail

        I got it 3rd try

  24. jack

    doma and insect is the best way to beat boss.


      Really?? ok

      I am Going To Try

  25. War Helicopter

    Here’s a tip for anyone reading this article. Ranged attacks are best because kokoshibou does hecka damage so I would recommend flame thunder or insect and you’ll want doma to stun him.


      Oh How About A DarkThunder?? Tho i have A Dark Thunder Soooo

      1. DevilRex

        First of all Dark Thunder ain’t good and Second of all it does no have as much range as Flame(2% chance), Thunder(10% chance), or Insect(8% chance)

        1. ssssssss

          my guy your tripping i defeated koku in less then 4 minutes with dark thunder

        2. Yuo You hanma

          i swear i beat him quick asl he ez i have max stats though
          flame got a huge nerf

        3. Imright

          Just so you know dark thunder is the exact same as thunder but dark thunder is better because its faster i think deals more dmg and other things:)

    2. someting

      dont forget love because when moon boss is inn rage mode you can use passion grasp plus demon regen to heal faster

    3. lysin

      lol i got flame on my 8th spin and got tsugukuni
      on my second clan spin.