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Slayers Unleashed Update Log – v.059 Slayer Marks!

We're taking a look at the update logs from the most recent patches in Roblox Slayers Unleashed!
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In Roblox Slayers Unleashed, you are playing a character based in the world of the anime Demon Slayer. You will need to fight your way through dangerous enemies and attempt to survive by becoming a Demon, Slayer, or a Hybrid! There’s breathing and demon arts to obtain, and you will need to obtain a powerful clan if you want to make it to the top of the ladder!

We’re featuring a look at the most recent update logs for the various patches that the game has received. The game receives pretty frequent updates, so not every patch is a major one.

Be sure to check out our Slayers Unleashed Codes page for free resets for your nichirin color, demon art, breathing, and stats!

Slayers Unleashed Patch Notes

v.059 Update Log

Added Slayer Marks (Rerollable with R$)

Activates whenever below 30% health (lasts 2 minutes, cooldown before using again is 10 minutes)
Increases overall damage output by 10%, hp regeneration and sprint speed
Increases the damage of a certain breathing depending on mark (Tomioka Mark increases Water Breathing damage)

***Hybrids will get a NERFED version of the Slayer Mark (~2 times weaker)
**If your Clan and Slayer Mark match (Kamado Clan, Kamado Mark) you get 10% overall bonus damage while the mark is active

  • Decreased lag and NPC amount in Snow Village Raid
  • Changed the map to a fall/autumn theme
  • Put in place holder for Pure Demon Passives (Not Implemented Yet just place Holders)
  • Put in place holder for Stone Breathing (Not Implemented Yet just place Holders)
  • Put in place holder for Enmu demon art (Not Implemented Yet just place Holders)

v.058 Update Log

  • Snow Village raid is out, 10 waves of fighting monsters.
  • Urokodaki spawns on the last round and you have a chance at the following drops: Blood Nichirin, Cloud Nichirin, Chrome Nichirin and Urokodaki’s Haori.

v.055 Update Log

  • The Mitsuri Boss will be released into the game in this update! Official details have not yet been released.
  • Mitsuri’s Haori has an 8% drop rate and her Nichirin has a 5% drop rate.

v.053 Update Log

  • No official details were posted, but Love Breathing was added to the game.

v.051 Update Log

  • Made Kokushibos RNG better meaning he won’t spam moves as much as he used to
  • Decreased Doma’s stun time
  • Fixed The Server Kicking Issue
  • Fixed last skill of Moon Breathing being spammable
  • Fixed Kokushibo’s rage bar being at max when you enter his realm ( it also fills up way slower now )
  • Moon Haori Fixed
  • Nerfed All of Kokushibo’s damage by 15%
  • Fixed Kokushibo Nichirin bug
  • Made it alot easier to see in the Kokushibo fight
  • Lowered level requirement to fight him to 150 (you will die though but have fun)
  • Kokushibou can’t hit you from halfway across the map anymore (if your too far away he will Flash Step to you)
  • Due to me Nerfing him a good amount his Passive Healing has Increased by 1.5x. Meaning the fight will be longer but it’s more manageable now.

v.05 Update Log

The official details weren’t posted, but this patch adds Moon Breathing and the boss fight with Kokushibou.

v.045 Update Log

-Dark Thunder Breathing is now out!
**You have to be a Hybrid in order to Reroll this breathing
**If you have Dark Thunder and reroll your race and get Demon or Hybrid, your Dark Thunder Breathing gets turned into Thunder Breathing (you will get back the points you’ve spent on Dark Thunder)

6 Skills, same skills as Thunder Breathing (in white/black color scheme), shorter cooldowns, faster recovery time and slightly buffed damage

-Lowered Serpent Breathing’s Serpent Slide Venom damage due to it being too overpowered

v0.43 Update Log

-New Serpent Hashira (Iguro Obanai) boss fight is now out!
2 Drops: Obanai’s Haori (10% overall dmg reduction and 10% Venom dmg reduction) (10%)
Serpent Blade (applies Venom effect on hit) (5%)
-Whenever his Venom bar fills up, they get healed for a percentage of their Maximum Health.

-Fixed Akaza’s Crown Splitter
-Reduced the stun time after using Thunder Breathing skills
-Fixed not being able to complete the boss quests

-Buffed Flame Breathing damage

-2XP is now active!

v0.42 Update Log

Addition: Serpent Breathing (6% reroll chance) – 3 Skills: Serpent Slash, Coil Move, Serpent Slide
Addition: Iguro Clan (5% reroll chance) – Increases the damage over time of the Venom effect by 25%
Bug Fix: Boulders not giving experience if you have Sun Breathing
Bug Fix: Compound Eye
Bug Fix: Blood Curdle not dealing damage
Bug Fix: Stat point reset not giving points back sometimes

v0.41 Update Log


-Fixed Flower Breathing for XBOX
-Fixed Sun Effect appearing on swords for everyone (cosmetic bug)
-Fixed Sun Breathing for both Mobile and Xbox
-Removed Flame Breathing screenshake on popular demand
-Fixed Compound Eye not dealing damage and buffed its hitbox
-Fixed not being able to go over level 500 in certain worlds
-Fixed Boss Drop Boost not being buyable (now buy it and get yoriichi s haori :haha:)
-Fixed NPCs not spawning in certain zones
-Increased the required to fight Yoriichi (from 50 to 500)


-Nerfed Sun Breathing (cooldowns & dmg)
-Buffed Yoriichi’s Health

-Added Doma Breathing Art (4% reroll chance)
3 Skills: Frozen Lotus, Wintry Icicles, Scattering Lotuses

-Changed Yoriichi Fight level requirement to 150
-Fixed Compound Eye being spammable
-Final Selection is now playable in 1-4 players


To use Sun Breathing, hold L1 instead of R1 which you would normally use for your normal breathing

v0.4 Update Log

The Sun Breathing Event is out now! (Yoriichi)

Yoriichi is now out, fight him for rewards!
Yoriichi’s Haori (1%) – Damage Reduction 30%
Sun Breathing (10%, 100% if you are Kamado)

To fight Yoriichi you need level 50+ and Human race, go to Sagiri Mountain and find Tanjiro to start the event.

–> Buying the drop boost devproduct in the Shop menu will double these rates!

Sun Breathing

First Move: Solar Dragon Haze
Second Move: Dancing Flash
Third Move: Sun Ray Thrust

Only for Kamado

Fourth Move: Flame Dance

Bug fixes

-We fixed Demon Sense and Demon Regen
-We fixed some skills that would do deal more damage than they should


-Nerfed Insect and Blood healing
-Nerfed Blood Damage

v.03 Update Log

The Hashira Event is out now! (Rengoku, Giyu, Shinobu)
3 new bosses with 2 new drops each!
Shinobu: Insect Nichirin (10%), Shinobu’s Haori (20%)
Giyu: Water Nichirin (15%), Giyu’s Haori (25%)
Rengoku: Flame Nichirin (10%), Rengoku’s Haori (20%)
Buying the drop boost devproduct in the Shop menu will double these rates!

3 new Nichirins and 3 new Haoris
Shinobu’s Haori, Giyu’s Haori, Rengoku’s Haori reduce damage taken by 10%.
Flame Nichirin boosts Flame skills’ damage by 20% and it causes a flame explosion every melee attack. (doesn’t work on skills)
Insect Nichirin boosts Insect skills’ damage by 20% and it causes melee attacks to poison the enemies for 6 seconds. Insect Breathing skills also poison the enemies for 8 seconds.
Water Nichirin boosts Water skills’ damage by 30%.

Bug fixes

Damage not being dealt in Rui is now fixed
Some water skills are now fixed (the first moves were broken due to an error)
Equipping stuff won’t unequip your robe
Codes are no longer spammable

2X Experience is over!

v.027 Update Log

Blood (Demon Art) is now out!

Blood Shot
Blood Shatter
Blood Curdle

->Having the Kamado clan boosts the damage of those moves by 10% (future Blood moves too)

Points System Change

Reset Points reset your stat points (Strength, Defense, Agility, Sword) and your skills (BDA/Breathing) and gives all points spent back
Reset Breathing/Reset BDA now give back the stat points you’ve spent on skills

2X Experience is back up again until Friday!

v.026 Update Log

The most-awaited Akaza (2% drop rate) rework is here!
-6 Skills

Chaotic Type (1st)
Annihilation Type (2nd)
Crown Splitter (3rd)
Air Type (reworked, 4th)
Flying Planet (5th)
Compass Needle (6th)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed multiple skills not working in Rui (mostly wind and beast skills)
Fixed Lunar Disperse instakilling
Fixed Demon Art Rerolls
Fixed Lunar Disperse and Spatial Slash targeting NPCs

2X Experience is over!

v.024 Update Log

2XP is up!


Added Inosuke’s Boar Mask (Jarad), Inosuke’s Clothing
Added Hanafuda Earrings

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Wind not working in Rui
Fixed inventory displaying only one item even though you had more items with the same name
Fixed Enhanced Agility and Enhanced Rage (now you can actually get them from Muzan, Agility at level 200 and Rage at 300)
Arrow now uses Mouse Aim so it’s easier to fight with


Slight nerf on Mist
Slight buff on Flame (after we nerfed it to the ground)

New Skills

Beast: Spatial Slash and Whirling Fangs

v.023 Update Log

Changed up the village a bit

Rui Changes

Entering the boss no longer requires you to gather a full team
Fixed not being TPed with group sometimes


Water: Whirlpool Damage buffed by 20%
Constant Flux Damage buffed by 20%
Lightning: Sixfold damage buffed by 20%
Distance Thunder damage buffed by 10%
Flame: All moves got slightly nerfed

New skills:

Wind: Gale Slash
Insect: Compound Eye
Beast: Spatial Awareness

New Demon Passives:

Level 200: Enhanced Agility
Level 300: Enhanced Rage
(each costs 1k Yen to get from Muzan)


Fixed water effects not showing
Fixed Reset Stat Points prompting Nichirin Reroll
Fixed Drum not working properly and Mist last move one shotting

v.022 Update Log


Various jewelry that spawns around the map which you can collect and sell them for yen
Sell them to Vane (Artifact Buyer) in Kensho Village

Major Bug Fixes:

Fixed Wind not working
Fixed inventory displaying only one item even though you had more items with the same name

Patched a major exploit

New skills:

Wind: Rising Hurricane
Mist: Lunar Disperse


Added a drop boost devproduct (boosts your boss drop rate)
Fixed drum and arrow sometimes dealing too much damage

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