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Super Doomspire Update Log: August 20th

A new update has been released today for Roblox Super Doomspire on August 20th, 2021 that brings bug fixes and other changes to the game!
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An enormous new update has been released for Roblox Super Doomspire on August 20th, 2021! This release includes new maps that includes Islands, Rooftop, and the Cascade Sanctum. There are a whopping 87 new stickers for you to collect as well. There’s some new tools to use to fight off your enemies, such as the Frost Staff, Umbrellade, and Pokeyball! If you’ve been awaiting a big update to Super Doomspire then this one will satisfy your needs because there’s a whole lot of stuff to delve into in this patch!

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Super Doomspire August 20th Patch Notes


  • New maps!
    • 2 new Doomspire mode maps: Islands and Rooftop!
    • New Team Deathmatch mode map: Cascade Sanctum!
    • The map selection screen now maxes out to 6 maps at once.
      • VIP Servers can still access all maps at once via a scrolling list.
    • All Maps have gotten visual updates, with both improved lighting & details added.
    • Some maps now have randomly-selected lighting presets, which allows multiple color schemes per map.
  • A ton of new music by SkyTheFloof! 4
  • Song names & artists now appear in the notifications feed.
  • 87 new Stickers!
  • Roundcat Rally Power-Ups
    • Roundcat Rally now has randomly spawning power-ups! Shoot them with your rocket launchers to collect them and give your team a boost!
    • Power-ups include:
      • Speed: Gives your team a speed & jump height bonus for 30 seconds.
      • Bricks Up: Refills your team’s bricks by 20.
      • Paw Shield: Creates a shield on your team’s side that blocks 4 rockets.
      • Mega Rocket: Spawns a massive cat rocket that flies towards the enemy team’s Roundcats. Be careful, it can be reflected just like any other rocket!
  • When playing in a VIP Server, you can now select which team to play on! 2


  • Frost Staff
    • A new rocket launcher that deals less explosive damage, but gives opponents the Chill debuff on hit.
  • Umbrellade
    • Doesn’t have a strike or a midair lunge, but you can use the special button in midair to slowly float down from the sky!
  • Pokey Ball
    • A larger, slower Superball that deals more damage!
  • New skins:
    • Ice Cream Launcher (Frost Staff skin) 
    • Cool Sun (Lava Ball skin) 
    • Beach Ball (Pokey Ball skin) 
    • Duck Floatie (Bloomerang skin) 
    • The Caddywhacker (Homerunner skin)
    • Mega Spinner (Boomerang skin)
    • Smug Cat (Superball skin)
    • Ultra Soaker (Paintball Gun skin)
    • Greatspoon (Greatsword skin)
    • Stop Sign (Frying Pan skin)
  • Players who bought the offical Super Doomspire toys & redeem the toy code will receive 4 new Tools, based on the Team Leaders!
    • Red Leader’s Oathkeeper (Shadow Blade skin)
    • Yellow King’s Wise Eye (Shadow Shuriken skin)
    • Green Scientist’s Sticky Potion (Sticky Bomb skin)
    • Blue Executive’s The Embezzler (Hoss Hog skin)



  • The plus-shaped “buy more Crowns” button at the top of the screen now disapppears when you aren’t on the Spectator Island.
  • Trampolines
    • Map trampoline bounce height has been increased
    • Trowel trampolines now bounce lower than map trampolines
  • Fire
    • Now deals the same amount of damage over half as much time
  • Lobby
    • Added dynamic music that changes when you’re outside the forcefield
    • Added shop pedestals
    • Added a new Merch Stand, which lets you buy Super Doomspire UGC & clothing items!
    • Updated daily chest models
  • Map Changes
    • Classic
      • You can now build on the cloud/“void” with Trowel tools.
    • Coastal Coliseum
      • Made certain parts breakable that were supposed to be before
      • Added evening lighting
    • Galaxy
      • Added 2 new lighting configs
    • Ocean
      • Added more visual effects
    • Rainbow
      • Added new arches in the center
      • Added more visual effects
      • Made spires less likely to fall in the middle
    • Snowfall
      • Added night lighting
    • Xiajing
      • Made spires less likely to fall in the middle


  • All tools with visual effects (such as sword swinging trails) should now appear to other players. Previously, they would not appear on other players for the client.
  • Brickbreaker
    • Now drops 20 Bricks on KO instead of 2-5 (except in Infection, where it gives 5)
    • New special move: Brick Smash
      • Normally, is a pretty weak move, but…
      • When the Player has at least 50 Bricks, it becomes an explosive attack!
      • Activate it in midair to surprise foes beneath you!
  • Frying Pan
    • Mega Smack now gives a slight jump in midair
    • Mega Smack can now launch bombs (similarly to Home Run)
  • Homerunner
    • Home Run now launches bombs in an arc
  • Shadow Clone
    • Now applies the Smoky debuff on use
    • Brick cost increased (5 → 15)
    • Reload time increased (5s → 10s)
  • Shadow Shuriken
    • Increased reload time (1.3s → 1.5s)
    • Increased charged reload time (2.6s → 3.0s)
    • Added “-15% throw speed” modifier
  • Voxcalibur
    • Midair lunge now goes a bit further
  • Shadow Blade
    • Removed “+20% swing speed” modifier
    • Added “No strike attack” modifier
  • Greatsword
    • Decreased active time of basic hitbox
    • Decreased size of basic hitbox slightly
    • Reduced Great Spin’s damage (60 → 40)
  • Bloomerang
    • Bounce height is now affected by the Smoky debuff
  • Crystal Blaster
    • Decreased base damage (160 → 130)
    • Now gains damage as it travels, making it more dangerous at mid-range instead of point-blank
    • Increased range slightly
  • Fire Sword
    • Decreased Fire Wave projectile damage (45 → 35)
  • Remote Detonator
    • Decreased max damage (180 → 160)
    • Removed reload time buff
    • Increased max charge time (0.6s → 0.8s)
  • Superball
    • Increased knockback force by 25%
    • Decreased reload time (1.8s → 1.6s)
  • Coconut
    • Decreased ragdoll time buff (+50% → +25%)
    • Added “+25% knockback force” modifier
    • Fixed the reload time modifier; previously it didn’t work
  • Truss Trowel
    • Brick cost increased (2 → 5)
  • Ball Turret
    • Balls no longer ragdoll players
    • Increased ball damage (20 → 30)
  • Pumpkin
    • Is no longer secretly an egg on the inside


That’s everything to know about the new Super Doomspire update! Be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for more details on a variety of other games for platform.

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