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Top 12 things to put in a room in Minecraft

We've got a list of different creative items that you can use in your base and room when your decorating in Minecraft.
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While Minecraft is at its heart a survival game, it is also a whole lot more! Once you’ve got yourself a base that is pretty much self-sufficient and you are thriving, you will likely turn your attention to decorating your builds. If that’s the case and you are hard up for ideas, we’ve got a list of different items that you can add to your rooms that will make them pop!

Things to put in your Room in Minecraft

We’ve taken some inspiration from a variety of sources to put together a list of things you can add to your rooms in your next build!

Table Lamp

Minecraft Table Lamp Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

If you want to light up your room a bit without the torches or lanterns, then you can put together this table lamp that will look stylish in your room. All you need is either a skull from a Skeleton or Wither Skeleton. This will give you a white or black topper. The other thing you need is an End Rod, which can be created with a Blaze Rod and a Popped Chorus Fruit. You might want to tilt the face of the skull towards the wall to give it a less ghoulish look!

Glass Armor Case

Minecraft Armor Case Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

Looking to display some of your greatest creations? Well, a glass armor case is a great way to do so! All you’ll need is an Armor Stand, some armor you want to display, and a couple of pistons to create the look. While just placing the armor on a stand is fine, to add that additional bit of flavor, you can push a couple of glass block onto the armor by pushing it with Pistons!

Minecraft Creating Armor Case Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

Ceiling Lamp

Minecraft Ceiling Lamp Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

To make a pretty nice ceiling lamp, you just need an Iron Bar, Lantern, Signs, and some Banners. Combine these all together and you will have a nice conversation piece that lights up your room.

Storage Cabinets

Minecraft Cabinets Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

Need to have some storage, but don’t like how the chests look? Well, here’s a quick piece of furniture you can throw together. Just grab some chests, trap doors, and regular doors to make a nice addition to any build you are working on.

Decorative Shelves

Minecraft Shelves Image
Image: Minecraft / Heyimrobby

To make some nice shelves, you can place some stair blocks against the wall and surround them with trap doors. Once you have that situated, place some bookshelves, lantern, plant, and even a skull that will spruce it up.

Loft Bed

Minecraft Loft Bed Image
Image: Minecraft / Heyimrobby

Throw together some clever usage of steps, trap doors, and a bed to create a pretty nice looking loft with a bed on it that can work in a bedroom.

Decorative Bed

Minecraft Decorative Bed Image
Image: Minecraft / BlueNerd

For a master bedroom, you’ll want this usable bed that combines fencing, trap doors, and some colored carpet to make this striking bed frame.

Decorative Stairs

Minecraft Decorated Stairs Image
Image: Minecraft / BlueNerd

Combine some barrels, stairs, and trap doors to make a pretty stylish set of stairs that will have you happy to make the jaunt to the next floor of your build. Add some lights and a plant or two to really dress it up.

Fancy Shelving

Minecraft Decorative Shelving Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

For a great looking modern shelving unit, just throw down some beehives and add dark buttons to the front for some decorative appeal. Use flower pots, lanterns, candles, or whatever you have to give some color and pop to these simple shelves.

Dining Table

Minecraft Dining Table Image
Image: Minecraft / BlueNerd

If you want a formal dining area, then putting together a fancy dining table will really sell the room. Use some slabs, trap doors, and banners to fashion some nice chairs. Add flower pots, cakes, lanterns, and some frames to give the table some detail.


Minecraft Closet Image
Image: Minecraft / BlueNerd

When working on a bedroom, you’ll no doubt want to have a place for some clothes. This closet design using some End Rods and Banners will be a nice visual piece.

Aquarium Table

Minecraft Aquarium Table Image
Image: Minecraft / Gorillo

To take things to the next level, how about throwing together a glass table with an aquarium underneath! Clear out some room underneath the table, then place seagrass, coral, sea pickles, and anything else you can find from the sea. Add some fish and then cover it with glass. Put together some chairs and place some decoration on top for the ultimate conversation piece!

Those are all of our current ideas on things you can place in various rooms in your base or home in the game. Learn a whole lot more by heading to the Minecraft section of our website.

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