Type Soul: Duality Moves List (Shikai/Bankai)

Want to know the different moves Duality has in Shikai and Bankai in Type Soul? Then we have you covered!
Type Soul Duality Floating Black Swords About To Impale
Image: NanoProdigy

The Duality fighting style in Type Soul, a Mythical tier option, offers unique gameplay mechanics for Soul Reapers. This guide provides an overview of the moves and abilities associated with both Shikai and Bankai forms. Duality’s versatile moveset and guard break capabilities make it a potentially effective choice in Clan Wars.

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Shikai & Bankai Duality Movesets in Type Soul

Duality Shikai Abilities

  • Guard Break: All Shikai moves possess the ability to break an opponent’s guard.
  • Mode Switching: The style features two modes, indicated by a white or black glow effect around the character:
Type Soul Duality White Wave Attack
Image: NanoProdigy
  • White Glow Mode: Z and X moves are available.
    • Z: A forward thrust with your hands that emits a white wave that levitates you upwards and breaks guard (6% damage).
    • X: A quick slash and uppercut.
  • Black Glow Mode: Z and X moves are available, distinct from the white mode.
    • Z: Kicks player away and spawns several black daggers to impale them. Also, guard breaks.
    • X: A dash followed by an overheard guard break slash.
  • C Move: Switches between modes.
    • White Mode: Two spinning vertical slashes that inflict high posture damage (90%), and you automatically go into Black Glow mode.
    • Black Mode: Summons multiple black spikes from the ground and automatically switches to White Glow Mode.

Duality Bankai Abilities

Type Soul Duality Bankai Animation
Image: NanoProdigy
  • Unique Animation: Activating Bankai triggers a distinct animation involving Yin and Yang.
  • T Move: A cutting attack.
  • Custom Crit: A unique critical hit that can be parried.
  • Custom M1s: Modified versions of standard M1 attacks.
  • G Move (Mugetsu): A powerful attack usable multiple times in Bankai mode.
  • C Move: In Bankai, this move does not switch modes. Instead causes a black-and-white AoE attack to occur.
  • Z Move: Launch yourself into the air as you attack them with black and white waves, followed by a potential sword-throwing slash (if aimed correctly) that summons swords to impale the user.
  • X Move: Launch the user into the air, teleport before they arrive, and slam them back into the ground with your sword.

If you want to see the entire Duality showcase, I recommend watching NanoProdigy’s [Type Soul] MUGETSU: Duality Bankai YouTube video below!

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