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Navigating the eerie corners of the Underworld Realm, one is bound to come across an assortment of items. Some items are only from vanquished bosses, while others are treasures unlocked easier through our Underworld Realm Codes. And for those who have the means, certain items can be purchased with Robux or Soul Gems. From my own adventures in this Roblox Undertale experience, this guide is here to tell you how to get all the items in this Roblox Undertale experience.

How to Get All Underworld Realm Items Guide

Defeating and farming enemies is the best way to get your hands on certain item drops, but in my experience, this can lead to a lengthy grind. One example is to get new skins, you need to defeat a special encounter to get keys for The Box. Here’s our Underworld Realm items list.

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All Underworld Realm Items List

Box Key

How to Get

There’s only a few ways to get Box Keys in Underworld Realm. The first method is by defeating and killing Flowey, the 1% chance special encounter for a 45% chance to get Box Keys. The second is by purchasing them with Robux, and the third is by using Underworld Realm Codes, as sometimes you get Box Keys for free.

What does it do?

Box Keys are used to open a special chest called The Box in the Level 5+ room in the Ruins. By using a key, you can get Arena Skins. There are five rarities you can get, and here are the odds:

  • Common: 40%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Epic: 20%
  • Legendary: 8%
  • Mythical: 2%


How to Get

To get the Diary in Underworld Realm, you must purchase it for 167 G (Gold) from the Spider Bake Sale in the Level 5+ room in the Ruins.

What does it do?

The Diary tells you your completion rate for each type of equipment, Weapons, Armors, Spells, and so on. To read the Diary, you must go to Toriel’s Home, and in her room is a Book Stand. Interact with it to use the book.

Ruins Book

How to Get

To get the Ruins Book, you must defeat Toriel and hope you get it, as it is a 5% item drop chance.

What does it do?

The Ruins Book shows you the complete bestiary of all monsters living in the Ruins. To read it, take it back to the Book Stand in Toriels Room.

Souls Book

How to Get

The Souls Book is a 15% drop chance from the special 1% encounter, Flowey.

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What does it do?

The Souls Books is an extremely handy book because it tells you information about all the Souls in Underworld Realm. Like the other books, to read it, go to Toriel’s Room and interact with the Book Stand.

Soul Gem

How to Get

You can only get Soul Gems by defeating bosses and from Flowey. Here are the drop chances:

  • Napstablook—1% Soul Gem chance
  • Toriel—2% Soul Gem chance
  • Flowey—15% x2 Soul Gem chance

What does it do?

The Soul Gem is used to level up your Soul. If you want your Soul to become stronger, you need to level it up using Soul Gems.

Soul Orb

How to Get

Souls Orbs are only obtainable from purchasing them from Flowey’s Soul Gem Shop. But this will cost you two Soul Gems to get one Soul Orb.

What does it do?

A Soul Orb allows you to reroll your Soul to a random Soul.

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