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Unfold Games announces Bloody Hell Hotel, a game where vampire horror meets Stardew Valley

Vampire horror meets Stardew Valley in Bloody Hell Hotel, a first-person horror management simulation game!
Features Unfold Games Announces Bloody Hell Hotel A Game Where Vampire Horror Meets Stardew Valley Image
Image: Bloody Hell Hotel

Bloody Hell Hotel is a single-player first-person horror game and management sim where you play as a vampire, set up a hotel, and feast on your guests. From Unfold Games, Bloody Hell Hotel is launching on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and The official release date has yet to be revealed.

The official trailer for Bloody Hell Hotel showcases the first-person perspective gameplay where you can make repairs, book guests into your hotel, and feast on them.

In Bloody Hell Hotel, you are a vampire who has woken up from a coma that has spanned the centuries only to discover that your once luxurious estate is now in ruins. So, you decide you must run a hotel that will help with repairs.

However, the repairs are no easy task as the resources to make them happen, such as food, supplies, and a workforce, are tough to find. Besides this, your need for blood also makes it hard to have high levels of customer satisfaction.

Thankfully, however, beneath the estate lies a crypt and a system of caves. You will be able to forage, farm, craft, and fight through monster-infested dungeons to find the resources you desperately need to restore your estate to its former glory.

The key features of this game include:

  • Renovation: You can fix broken furniture, clean rooms, install appliances, and make your estate look visually pleasing. You can also use your vampiric powers to help renovations proceed quickly.
  • Customization: You can upgrade, decorate, and furnish your hotel to suit your style.
  • Feed: You can meet the expectations of your demanding guests, or you don’t have to. You can feed on them and use their meat as a food source to save money. 
  • Farm and Cook: Room service is essential for a hotel, but the ingredients are costly. However, you can farm, collect zombie chicken eggs, and use mushrooms that grow around your hotel to create the most extravagant dishes. 
  • Weapon Crafting: While in the dungeon, you will need a weapon, and you can make your own from scratch. You will need a blacksmith’s workshop, some tools, and raw materials, all of which are located beneath the hotel’s lobby. So craft away!
  • Dungeon Exploration: Head to the dungeon and explore once you have a weapon. You’ll find an abundance of resources that you can use to unlock upgrades to your hotel.
  • Management: Once your hotel grows, you can hire vampiric employees who will take care of things like housekeeping, cooking, porting or anything else you can delegate. All that is required to entice them is money and blood. 

Renovate, farm, and feed on your guests in Bloody Hell Hotel. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content. 


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