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Want to learn how you can survive easily on fishing alone in Unturned? Our guide has got you covered!
A screenshot of a character from Unturned waiting patiently as they fish in a lake
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In the immersive world of Unturned, players face the relentless challenge of survival against not only the looming threat of zombies but the very elements themselves. Survival tactics, such as foraging, seeking shelter, and hunting, are essential. However, sometimes, it’s the serene activity of fishing that can provide sustenance in desperate times. So, the question arises, how do you navigate the art of fishing in Unturned?

I remember my early days in Unturned, scavenging for food, always on the move to avoid the undead. It was during one of these desperate times that I stumbled upon the concept of fishing. And trust me, the feeling of catching your first fish amidst the chaos is nothing short of rewarding.

How to Fish in Unturned – Fishing Guide

Engaging in fishing in Unturned isn’t just about throwing a line in the water and hoping for the best. It requires a combination of the right equipment, location knowledge, and a touch of patience. From selecting the right fishing rod to choosing the perfect spot, let’s delve deep into what it truly takes to fish in this post-apocalyptic world.

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What Do You Need to Fish in Unturned?

A screenshot of what you need to make a fishing rode in Unturned
Image: Kameding

The Fishing Rod

Before you can start fishing, you must have a fishing rod. These essential tools can often be located at campgrounds or near docks. If you’re the crafty type and have at least a level 1 crafting skill, you can even construct your own rod. For this, you’d require five sticks and either two pieces of rope or four pieces of cloth.

My early attempts at finding a fishing rod were fraught with errors. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon an abandoned campsite that I found my first rod, saving me from the hassle of crafting one. For those in a similar situation, I’d recommend starting your search there.

Choosing the Right Spot

Your fishing location matters significantly. Ideally, you’d want a spot that’s isolated, away from the bustling activity of towns or any landmarks. This advice holds even more weight if you’re playing on a PvP multiplayer server, where the risk of encountering other players is high.

I speak from experience when I say picking the wrong spot can mean more than just an empty catch; it could cost you your in-game life. Always prioritize safety.

How to Catch Fish in Unturned

Casting Your Line

Once you’re set with your rod and spot, it’s time to cast your line. Equip the fishing rod, then click and hold the mouse. You’d want to release it once the bar turns green, ensuring your fishing float travels a good distance. But remember, avoid casting too close to the shore to prevent your float from sinking.

A tip from a seasoned player: timing is key. An optimal cast ensures you cover a broad area, increasing your chances of a catch.

The Waiting Game

After casting, patience is the name of the game. Wait for about 10-20 seconds. Bubbles next to your float are a good sign. The moment your rod starts to bend downwards, that’s your cue. Click to reel in your catch.

There’s a thrill in the wait, the anticipation building up with every bubble. My most exciting catch happened after an extended wait, so patience does pay off.

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How to Cook Fish in Unturned

Fishing is just the first step to ensuring a nutritious meal in Unturned. To benefit the most out of fish, it’s crucial to cook it. Remember, while raw fish is technically edible, cooking it is always the recommended approach, given the game’s mechanics.

A screenshot of a character from Unturned building a campfire to cook fish
Image: Kameding

Preparing the Campfire

The first thing you’ll need for cooking is a campfire. If you don’t already have one, crafting it is simple. Gather five logs from any tree. Once you have these, head over to the crafting section under medical and food, and assemble your campfire.

Setting up my first campfire was a milestone. There’s something rewarding about building a fire, especially after a successful fishing expedition.

Cooking the Fish

Before you throw your fish on the flame, there’s one more thing to check. Ensure you’ve upgraded your cooking skill, found in the support section of skills. With that out of the way, place your fish near the campfire to cook.

Trust me on this, cooking transforms the fish. It doesn’t boost its nutritional value, but it does prevent any potential harm to your immunity that raw fish might pose.

It’s also worth noting that while the allure of consuming raw fish might be tempting, especially if you’re in a rush or lacking resources, it’s not always the best choice for your character’s health.

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