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VoxPop Games announces Loppy: Planet Hopper and Definitive Edition

VoxPop Games teases 90's-style platformer Loppy: Planet Hopper, including exclusive content!
Loppy Planet Hopper Image
Image: VoxPop Games

Publisher VoxPop games has just announced they will champion Loppy: Planet Hopper, a very small indie platformer from developer QQnut Games. Although a release date has not been confirmed, curious platformer fans will be able to wishlist the game on Steam today.

VoxPop will feature a “Definitive Edition” for Loppy: Planet Hopper, which will add “exclusive power-ups” and a completely new planet, according to the game’s page. Here’s the full announcement from VoxPop Games, including a gameplay trailer:

Loppy: Planet Hopper clearly aims to be cute and comfy, and that might just be enough for most, although it may not look especially innovative.

It’s a wacky and colorful platformer that proudly harkens back to the 90’s, even in its quirky narrative. There’s a premise involving a bunch of alien bakers trying to fight to keep their jobs. It’s a fun idea that does give familiar mechanics a charming makeover, such as collecting ingredients to create new powers on the fly.

Also, according to Loppy: Planet Hopper’s Steam page, it will support cooperative gaming for up to three players. That alone should provide a certain kind of silly chaos that turns this into more of a party game, which is actually a smart approach for this genre.

Naturally, there are countless retro platformers, so this one might have a little trouble standing above the white noise. But it has some promise, since the general art design and tone will always have nostalgic appeal. They also imply a casual tone, although the Steam page suggests that your adventures could require “many” lives to progress.

VoxPop Games helps distribute and develop, and they’ve also got the roguelite horror indie Outer Terror coming soon, so they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on.

You can read more about Loppy: Planet Hopper, VoxPop Games, and other upcoming indie titles by checking out the rest of our news section!

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