War Thunder is Being Review Bombed on Steam

War Thunder, the free-to-play online combat simulator by Gaijin Entertainment, is receiving an influx of negative reviews on Steam based on recent updates.
War Thunder Review Bombing
Image: Gaijin Entertainment

“War Thunder,” Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play online combat simulator, known for its comprehensive damage system and a diverse array of tanks, aircraft, and ships, is currently experiencing a wave of negative reviews on Steam. This unfavorable turn in the public sentiment is widely attributed to the alleged disregard of the game’s creators towards their player base, skewing the gaming experience in favor of those willing to spend real money.

A pivotal point of contention among the players is War Thunder’s in-game economy system. Here, Silver Lions and Golden Eagles, earned through gameplay and real-world purchases respectively, form the game’s primary currencies. Critics argue that Gaijin Entertainment has intentionally increased the ‘grind,’ or effort, required for free-to-play players to earn these currencies, thereby tilting the playing field towards paying players.

Amplifying the dissatisfaction, the recent increase in vehicle repair costs by Gaijin has placed an additional burden on players to earn more Silver Lions. Many players perceive this move as a strategy to coax them into spending real-world money, thereby accelerating the progression through the game.

War Thunder Review Bomb Steam Graph
Image: Steam

Voicing their discontent, a multitude of long-term players have left negative reviews on Steam. These players argue that the changes introduced by Gaijin Entertainment foster a pay-to-win environment, as the gameplay’s profitability is centered around the use of premium vehicles or content. This shift, they claim, has resulted in a significant imbalance in the game, with premium vehicles overwhelmingly dominating the gameplay.

Several players have also raised concerns about what they view as Gaijin’s profit-driven practices, citing instances such as the release of overpowered vehicles that are subsequently nerfed, exorbitantly priced premium assets, and the introduction of features like crew qualifications that are viewed as a form of pay-to-win mechanics. The alleged reduction in the Silver Lions’ income, increase in repair costs, and the slow grind for essential modifications have also been condemned as strategies aimed at compelling players to spend real-world money.

Responding to these grievances, Gaijin Entertainment has addressed the phenomenon of “review bombing” on Steam. The developer has reaffirmed its commitment to the players, stating that they are ready to revert unpopular updates. The company has also highlighted the potential harm that review bombing can inflict on a game’s reputation among new players, who usually focus on the overall score.

While acknowledging the challenge of implementing radical changes in established games, Gaijin Entertainment has pledged to pay closer attention to players’ feedback in future game development plans. They have also encouraged players to provide feedback through their official forum and feedback forms.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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