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War Thunder Update Patch Notes

War Thunder Update is live and features several important updates, changes, and bug fixes!
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War Thunder Update is live. Players will notice several changes, updates, and bug fixes in this update. With these updates, the dev team has helped resolve several issues players have been experiencing, including incorrect armor values, vehicles’ inability to fire cannons when damaged, zoom sensitivity, and more.

Details of the update were obtained from War Thunder’s official Steam post. We’ve included everything you need to know about the update below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

War Thunder Update 

Ground Vehicles

  • M46, M47, mKPz M47 G, M47 (105/55) — a bug has been fixed where the hull armor values in the armor view mode and info card were different.
  • T-35 — a bug has been fixed where the armor values in the armor view mode and info card were different.
  • Gepard 1A2 — a bug has been fixed where the vehicle was unable to fire from the twin cannon when one of the cannons was damaged (report).
  • T-80UK — a bug has been fixed that prevented fragments from entering the fighting compartment when a small area near the gun mantlet was penetrated.
  • 105mm GP105 — ATGM distance has been reduced from 5,500m to 5,000m; the weight has been increased from 18.8kg to 19.8kg (report).
  • A bug has been fixed that affected the ricochet mechanics, allowing shells to pierce armor at blunt angles (report).
  • Vehicles with external ammo storage (SAM SPAAG, ATGM carriers) have received an adjusted overpressure damage calculation. Hitting the external ammunition isn’t followed by overpressure damage to the crew. Vehicle list: Strf 9040 BILL, ASRAD-R, ItO 90M, Pvrbv 551, UDES 33, Lvrbv 701, Roland 1, ItO 90M, Dardo, SIDAM 25 (Mistral), M113A1 (TOW), PGZ04A, M113A1 (TOW), CM25, Type 75 MLRS, Type 60 ATM, Matilda Hedgehog, Ratel 20, Swingfire, Warrior, Striker, ZT3A2, Stormer HVM, ADATS (M113), Strv 81 (RB 52), 2S6, FlaRakPz 1, FlaRakRad, M901, M3 Bradley, M3A3 Bradley, ADATS.


  • Kh-23M — controlled flight time has been increased from 25s to 30s.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused a zoom sensitivity issue in the ATGM camera (report).
  • AJ37, JA37C — a bug has been fixed that caused a reverse thrust malfunction (report, report).


  • A bug has been fixed where a roundoff to the max speed in Arcade battles caused 1 kph difference with the info card limit.

Game Mechanics

  • The active player timer in Ground, Naval, and Custom battles has been increased from 20s to 100s. When the timer expires, a team with no active players drains victory points and loses the mission (report).


  • A bug has been fixed that slowed down any scaling of decals (report).

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