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What is Apeirophobia on Roblox?

Apeirophobia is a newly released spooky game for Roblox that is based on The Backrooms urban legend.
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Apeirophobia is a newly released game that is in pre-alpha for the Roblox platform. Many people have been looking into figuring out what the experience is all about, so we’re going to go ahead and discuss what it is and if you should give it a try!

Apeirophobia is a horror game on Roblox that is based on The Backrooms urban legend and creepypasta. It is about an endless maze of randomly generated rooms, where spooky entities roam and hunt.

While the game is loosely based off of the legend, you will travel around the rooms looking to solve puzzles, hide from spooky beings, and eventually hope to escape from reality. When you enter the rooms, you will be equipped with a flashlight and camera. You can also whistle, to alert other players that you are nearby.

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Image: Apeirophobia / Try Hard Guides

If you meet your unfortunate demise in the game, you will be able to respawn a limited amount of times. Apeirophobia is currently in pre-alpha, so expect bugs and not a whole lot of content. If you’re easily frightened, you might want to skip this one, because it gets pretty scary!

The legend of The Backrooms varies quite a bit with each telling, and has been adapted into mods for Minecraft and into found footage short films on YouTube. It is a fairly popular theme that has been popping up in Roblox games as of late.

The word Apeirophobia itself is the fear of infinity or eternity, which fits in with The Backrooms urban legend. The rooms are mostly endless or have levels to them that are nearly impossible to escape.

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  1. helper

    I’ve only finished around 5 or 6 the one me and my friends got stuck on was the dark cave one, It was actually impossible to escape since it was so dark we couldn’t even see the monster till we actually got killed by it. The first stage as you all know are the backrooms, when you are here you are needed to find a ladder with a box like hole in the was and crawl though it to be teleported to a pool like area. once you get there you are needed to turn a total of 6 wheels to open the escape door, once you’ve escaped that one you are teleported into a house like are which you are need to jump off a building to move on to the next room. the next room is an office like area but you must crawl in order for the monster to not see you, you must find 3 keys in order to open the gates on the right side don the hall from where you spawn, once you open that you will need to find buttons in each room, some may not have a button but most of them will. once you’ve pressed all of them and hear a beep you go back to spawn which should have an exit looking door, after you go in you go though a set of stairs and reach another exit. You will spawn in a sewer like area and water will rise as you try to find the exit(one of the hard parts *tip follow a pipe there are multiple but one will lead to the exit I believe* ). Once you’ve found the exit you will be teleported to a cave like area, this is where me and my friends got stuck, it was so dark the only thing you could see is the refection of some of the items in the cave. But that’s all I got for now!! I hope this helps some of y’all with the game and good luck!