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Zenless Zone Zero reveals details about New Eridu and Hollows

Learn more about the New Eridu and the Hollows in the latest Zenless Zone Zero announcement!
Zenless Zone Zero Reveals Details About Hollows Image
Image: HoYoverse

Last week, Zenless Zon Zero released its official teaser trailer, showcasing its futuristic visuals and gameplay set in its New Eridu City. Recently, Zenless Zone Zero posted an announcement on their official social media accounts, detailing about the New Eridu City and the Hollows!

Zenless Zone Zero is the newest addition to the popular titles developed by HoYoverse, such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact. It is an upcoming combat action title set in a post-apocalyptic world. In Zenless Zone Zero, players will make their way to New Eridu, the last shelter for urban civilization after the Hollows or the supernatural calamity that obliterated the rest of the world. Along with a group of unique allies, players will fight monsters and unravel the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world.

HoYoverse has recently provided further information on the “Hollows” in a social media announcement. According to Zenless Zone Zero, Hollows are described as abnormal spherical dimensions that materialize out of thin air and consume anything that comes into contact with it. Due to the disorder of the internal space-time environment in the Hollows, dangerous mutant creatures known as “Ethereal” are created. As such, those who get lost in the Hollows face the danger of being attacked by monsters and bear the risk of eventual mutation. Nonetheless, the New Eridu City is equipped with a technology capable of controlling the Hollow disaster.

Zenless Zone Zero has also presented some Hollow Survival Tips for potential New Eridu citizens. According to the survival tips, if a citizen gets lost in the Hollow, the wisest course of action is to remain where they are for the time being. Another piece of advice for trapped citizens is to locate a secure location where they can wait for assistance. If a citizen is spotted by an Ethereal, they should immediately run towards the direction where the air is easiest to breathe. Lastly, citizens must place their trust in the accredited Investigators of the Hollow Investigation Association and must not associate with “Proxies” or “Hollow Raiders.”

With the Zenless Zone Zero Hollow details post, potential players are provided with insights of what the gameplay could be. In any case, further details about Zenless Zone Zero awaits to be revealed as the launch of its closed beta program approaches.

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